War Stripping Debate

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  1. saving from oblivion
  2. 1. Yes, many many many times. Annoying but im used to it so don't care.

    2. Yes, many times. Fun

    3. Of course it's moral it's a war game ;)
  3. Yes it's a war GAME it's not real money if u get stripped toughen up it's a game.
  4. Plus I checked 2 ppl on this thread who were against stripping funny how they were both hansels who do the most damage in strips with osfs
  5. It's a war game, and you consider causing damage bad? Oh noes, I Lost some cash :( oh how sad..

    Think, in a real war, If you done a preemptive strike on your enemy, destroyed their land and buildings, left them with nothing, would you feel bad? No. Because there is a reason why you want to cause damage.
    A good way to prevent a strip would be keep allies at max plunder, and bank in pots.
  6. Haha wow this was just before I joined! Whoever bumped this kudos!

    The next KaW world war I was a part of 

    United War Front vs. ZiG(zaft iG)

    I forget all the clans that made up UWF but it was my clan xXPsYcH0S1S_3xP3R1M3n7Xx and voodoo that I remember clearly and as doing lots of the fighting.

    Whichever clan Ahdragos was in at the time was a part too as he wrote up and posted the War Declaration thread 

    Good ******* tymes man...
  7. Lmao, wow I didn't realise this was old.. It was just bumped >_>
  8. It's funny to see an old thread get bumped and have people comment on it like it was first posted today.
  9. You can say this thread is only good for debating as clans will continue stripping and will not listen to you. To put this short,this thread is useless
  10. Why the hell would you bump something this old?
  11. They stole all my money
    Steel it back
  12. 1) its a war game?? If u want to have morals I'm quiet sure there's ebs?
    2) do what your enemy's would do to you
  13. When you construct your build, you make a number of considerations. Maximum plunder? A hardened war build? Etc

    For example, my build won't win any plunder races, but will require a little more motivation in a strip.

    Make you choice and make sure it aligns to your gameplay. If you talk tough, you might want to reconsider an all attack build 
  14. K9, their weren't EBs 2 years ago..damnit read the date
  15. Amazing how many are still responding as if this was created recently lol 
  16. I know how old the the thread is. It's still an interesting discussion. If its beneath you darth, I'm sure there's plenty of other threads that could use your wisdom. 
  17. Giskard your reply wasn't even on topic, op asked if its right to take everyone's gold overnight..also it's not as though he'll read this again so don't bother replying
  18. (/).-) ppl don't check dates of OP...

    There were no EBs when this was posted. Pwars weren't even around yet. And the golden days were fading and lots of BS diplomacy was kickin in.
  19. Stripping should be banned along with farmers, and war should just be system war so it's fair and you can't lose all your gold like in an osw.