War Roster Size Problem

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -SkullNight-, Jul 24, 2015.

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  1. Were taking about clan wars 11vs 11 or 7 vS 7, we need to have some EE clan wars. Not The 24hr system War with pointless rewards.. Or maybe make different type of War system during The week, so clans can War each other system base...
  2. If devs would just reply on the post as to why there is a problem with 11 v 11, that would be really helpful.
  3. Strange they have not, they made The chances last year by request of those clans that need it moré space for round wars.. But they need to lower size Asap... We need clan system wars
  4. Devs want to increase roster size to 25 no way they are going to do 11 vs 11 lol

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  5. There are clans warring, devs ruined match-up system after they announced proposal #2, same as S3, the rate of no matches is now increasing with multiple clans warring.
  6. Hell no, if most of us cannot even make a "decent" 15 Man Roster how do we expect a 25 one, The 15/20 rosters kill clan Wars some months ago, i miss All my foes from MK, Instict, Xfactor, KoS, Elysium, Chaos Dragón, i always Love warching Silver, La Resistance, EtC, currently The only EE clan left are Silvers DOTB, Developers Need to Lower The War Round Size Roster....!
  7. So funny a símple solution to get back at community clan wars, and No one seems to care, just a few Ppl .. This so sad. Well we deserve what we get for not demanding a fix in this Issue, clans Will always Stack there Will never be a solution to that, The only solution is sacrifice Your build and make it a warring one... Primal wars are to test Your Skills ,with Your build and how The WC can make a win on The other team... But The real problem is with who do we system War has a team? When we only have 7 or 10 people.. If The current requirements is 15!
  8. I'm doing war 8 anyone wanna try and match each other
  9. There are hardly any clans warring atm, compared to S4 pre-season.
  10. The most clan wars i Saw Was during Pre-Season of S3, Chaos Wars Dec 2013, there were Ppl making waiting lines Trying to get a EE War Clan... But TVP Also help bring in moré Peeps.
  11. Lol now Indi is running late... Guess this is just EB game xD
  12. No Active ppl to do a simple 15 man roster??

    DEVS pls fix this.. :|
  13. No primal war tonight Lol...

    War 8 - Primal Failed 7/28/2015
  14. The season might use bigger rosters.
  15. I was busy sorry about that all
  16. I think this shoul be lock, devs might be out drinking some beers, thinking how cool S5 is gonna be, and those NEW equiment Look better than The ones in Hemans cómics , is it so difficult to Recruit LOl.. I know some clans used to have a website to register and then be call to arms...
  17. Roster size is not the problem..say no more

  18. How can i remove this post...
    is hopeless. no clan wars.. no one is willing to war... Mods you are authorize to eliminate this post...

    thank you...
  19. Locked at ops request.
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