War from PC Updates

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  1. DEVS, please explain why warring from pc has changed, to refresh user profile after EVERY SINGLE successful hit? And why were we not notified?

    We hate this, it slows us down, it wasnt applied to phone users, so please revert! Its not fair
  2. Support! Bad devs
  3. It is more difficult but lets weigh it up

    PC pros:
    Easier tracking (easily distinguishable barcodes)
    Don't have 3G/4G lag
    Don't have the device lag
    And copy paste from CC function

    Not as portable
    This thing you've posted about.

    iDevice pros:
    Easy functionality
    Quick links everywhere

    Device lag
    3G/4G lag
    Unable to differentiate letters in barcodes

    Droid pros:
    Can decipher barcodes
    Quick links everywhere

    Device lag
    3G/4G lag

    Simple to tell, all forms have problems. Doesn't mean you need to whine about it. Everyone has their issues deal with it. If you don't like it there's a feedback button. Or support@athinkingape.com
  4. If it wasnt changed for idevices, then no need to change for pc.
  5. I jumped from pc to phone over and over thinking something was wrong with my pc.... not cool!!
  6. And it wasnt announced... Why so sneaky 
  7. You only have 3G lag if you use 3G ._. So if you use wifi, like the com, there isnt so much lag
  8. @OP I agree with you. The refreshing makes it much harder to war.
  9. Support for my old owner!
  10. It's slower then idevice now
  11. So thats what happen? I thought it was my internet :lol:
  12. agreed. Main reason I play is bc of computer capabilities... I would never war on phone.
  13. I think it is fair. Takes away the unfair copy/paste advantage.
  14. Fair or unfair I still feel an announcement should have been made. Wasted time rebooting and checking connections. Lots of confusion. And for the record I don't like the change. Please put PC's back the way they were!
  15. Yup PC so laggy during war
  16. Whine whine whine PC got laggy during war :'(

    My device which is always on wifi has so much lag I'm knocked out before notifications come through.

    Simple solution:

    1. Take a cup
    2. Fill it with cement mix
    3. Ingest contents of cup
    4. Harden the **** up.
  17. yeah i thought the lag was due to my internet too :? too bad devs too bad. Whats with the sudden wave of equality motion? Gh exploit, pc exploit lol. Live and let live!
  18. Simple solution:

    1. Buy a new iPod you cheap ****.

    At the least pc users deserve an explanation as to why it was changed
  19. Any update?!?!
  20. totally agree - it's messed up...revert change pls!