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  1. I need help making a war build for my size.

    I want to do individual wars.

    Can anyone help me?
  2. Well it's all lowland, just to let you know.
  3. I would be more than happy to help you.
  4. To start, a war build is different from a growth build that centers around epic battles.

    But if you want to try everything...

    There were many builds that people used when I was still trying ee.

    Some would be:

    PS stands for pure spy which means it only consists of spy buildings, the 1 signifies the amount of troop (atk, def or balanced) buildings there are.

    Ps1 (with/without towers)
    Ps2 (with/without towers)
    Ps3 (with/without towers)
    PS (with/without towers)
    Atk heavy (with towers and spy buildings/spy def towers)

    SSH/Super Shadow Hansel these builds relied a lot on bfa and eq but I think they died out.

    I'm not entirely sure these builds are still relevant however they would be a good start.

    Just know towers hinder plunder and like kristell said IT ONLY INVOLVES THE LOWLANDS.

    Violate just violated my sentence, yo.

    Anyway, ask around in Foxes there's surely some people who can help.
  5. It's says lowland, however takes the whole build into account for an individual war.

    Individual war consists of all your lands, so please ignore prior advice from above two.

    Shadow hansel or SSH is dead so don't even try it.

    If you want a LL build then yes, it is just your lowland for lowland wars.

    However the build normally consists of PS1:

    23x SOS LVL 3
    1x TL LVL 3

    Or hybrid:

    14x COE LVL3
    1x ADT LVL3
    4x SOS LVL 3
    5x SDT LVL 3
  6. If ps stands for pure spy then what is ps1? Can't be ps and 1 or 2 or anything ....this makes me scratch my head
  7. the name ps1 was created to explain the particular type of hansel required for EE to distinguish from other hansel builds. It started out in Primal EE wars - people warring as PS who accidently left a troop building up discovered warring like that gave much better advantage than a PS

    but a ps1 is a hansel with one troop building (which can vary dependent on whats required)

    since then ppl have created the terms ps2 ps3 to show fast how many troop buildings are required in a ll roster
  8. I remember a forum debate settling the PS definition a while back. I think most agreed to change the definition of the terms from the original pure spy to only including the ps1 build, while using primarily spy to describe ps2's, ps3's and so on to avoid further confusion & argument.

    I'd build PS or hybrid spy for wars nowadays.
  9. PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. Which Playstation game console did you play on again?

    Sarcasm to all the ppl who created these stupid acronyms for kaw accounts builds. It's a hansel. Plain and simple. If you can't tell by an accounts stats what the build is, quit playing.
  10. Ok, look at my stats and tell me what my LL build is. Its not as simple as you think.
  11. Not a single useful reply smh if u want a proper answer I can help u out follow me
  12. Just dont Ps1 in indi war without serious adt ty
  13. Indi war..
    1.Att heavy tank w/spy bfa
    2.Spy heavy tank w/troop bfa
    3. PS
    4. PS1
    5. Pure bfa (balanced stats, balanced bfa)
    rest of builds are trash
    lowland war
    1.Hybrid 15-0-5-4 or 14-1-5-4
    2. Ps1 1-0-23-0
    3. Tank 18-0-1-5

    Just cuz there were no good build advice above lol
  14. Dont forget sh/gh hahaha