War against Zaft!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Zanther, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. For all:
    If you read my posts correctly I didn't say I quit - I said I am going to quit.
    I never said all Zaft or all good players are cheating. I know some who are cheating - and one of them is supported by Zaft Carnage.
    Zaft has also nice people - but many of Zaft are also simple followers who want to be with the strongest.
    I know my acc will be strip farmed - but I don't care anymore.

  2. Teja is pretty badass at kaw. It's not sucking up to say he's a hall of famer.

    Good luck with the battle.
  3. Teja is great and all i will say

    But idk about him taking on zaft...seems a little mainstream and impossible lol
  4. @iBurn

    But if it's someone like say that Barborous guy, he's an attention seeking whore. Teja does it and half the people of KaW gets moist. Same **** applies when a known forumer makes a **** thread compared to a noobie.
  5. What he said ^
  6. Hmm.IGCB might just be the only well known,not hypocritical forumer.
  7. Teja, a question? What about all those other cheaters in the other alliances? Are you gunna take on all of KaW? And what to you qualifies as cheating?
  8. Lets farm all zaft!
  9. IGCB, but also this trend goes in hand with the statless alt belief. When a well known person posts something people tend to pay attention because he is a *WELL KNOWN* person.

    However when a noob posts something people tend to believe that they know nothin about what they are talking about, for the same reason people buy medicine from WalGreens and not Harry's Pawn Store, because it is a more trustable credible source. Whether this is right or wrong is debatable but it is animal instinct to pay attention to the more famous
  10. Master:
    I can tell only about cheaters I know. Got about cheating by a former IG member and now Zaft.
    It's not my work - also I don't have the possibility and time to check on all.

  11. I ate a grape at the shops once...
    Didn't pay for it. 
  12. Deathwarriorz

    I don't think you're right. Statless alts posting get no respect because the person posting isn't willing to back up or risk anything. As they can say anything without risk, it could be right but could easily be a troll or they have an agenda. Anyone who feels the need to hide on an online game has a character flaw.

    I give credence to posting with a main as a starting point and they lose or gain more credibility depending on what they say.

    As for well known players posting - well at least folk know they've been around n know the game. Some well known players are idiots though but at least you know who they are.

    All in my own opinion of course
    Snr 
  13. Sounds like a good opinion to me lol
  14. Show us proof then teja?
  15. Teja just quit already and stop making crap threads 
  16. Yes I feel terrorised. Quick call the military
  17. Didnt you just say your not playing this game anymore?
  18. Yep im on to give away cash then off again. Feel free to hit me if you can..