Wales reach the Semi-Finals!

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  1. After 57 years of depressing football, Wales finally qualified for a major tournament. Today they won 3.1 against Belgium, who are ranked 2nd in the world. So this means that Wales, as of now, are theoretically the best national football team in Europe! (Points)

    They'll be playing Portugal next Wednesday. (Ronaldo and Williams clash of ego xD)

  2. So if you overtake a person in second place that means you're in first?????
  3. No, lol.

    But in the Uefa/Fifa rankings there is a different points system so yeah, kinda.
  4. #itwasdrgn

    Wales looking great this year!
  5. Keep quoting instead of editing... ^_^
  6. I was about to write this lol.

    Not to mention the rankings aren't calculated like that but I'm sure Wales will find them selves in the top 5 if they win the euros
  7. Statistically it does work like that. I'm not talking about overall rankings lol.
  8. Congrats to the 1% of the kaw population who enjoy soccer
  9. Much more than 1% lol, also football*
  10. If 3 of us are having a race you are 2nd and I am 3rd if I overtake you I am now in 2nd place. Forget your statistics what you said is physically impossible
  11. Not unless you believe in 420.
  12. What a fantastic display, a great game well played, they'll be singing loud and proud in France tonight  #proudtobewelsh
  13. This tournament is blowing me away... Wales and Iceland in the Semis ??
  14. Yeah if you beat 1st you're 1st lol.
  15. No. Results wise it is very possible. As you gain lots of points by beating high ranked teams and Wales were in the top 5 before playing the match anyway.

    Again, not overall rankings (how good the players are and old old results) I'm talking about what's happening now but nvm ^_^
  16. Wales are ranked 6 now.
  17. Go on Wales!
  18. Wales is this about soccer, or nocturnal activities with sheep? They've been ranked high in the sheep stakes for a long time
  19. I dare you to look that up in Google, some funny memes, definitions and stories come up xD