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  1. Yeah but most nooby veterans like my friend deita/Delta/Austin Powers enthusiast know nothing about growing/pvp/warring/osw. They'll just remininsescescsense about the good ol ' days and how pwars were bae and about no ebsies and about how bush did 9/11 etc. They are meme of the dank and dank of the meme? ebmaraH makes me sad sigh sigh sigh.
  2. this lol
  3. Nice idea...but no support. It's hard to be recognized for your contribution to the kawmunity "vk" but over half the people in kaw are probably knowledgeable on all the different aspects of kaw. Nice idea...but should refine it.
  4. Exactly :cool: refer to my post on page 1.
  5. @Charlie #Support. I was just thinking the same thing. I was even thinking the same color lmao.
  6. Lol that's weird
  7. No support. This is pretty much VK light, except these people wouldn't "go out of their way" to help.

    VK was already a bust anyway, completely useless.

    How about on your favorite tap game if you feel like being "recognized", do something recognition worthy. If being a certain color makes you feel special, they made mith spells for that.
  8. The colours are there to make someone easily recognizeable. If mod colours weren't there they would stand out far less
  9. Support.


    I want a fancy color. :3
  11. Im not sure if applesauce is a colour...
  12. Re: #VETERANs

    Sounds like me 
  13. At the time when VK selections were going around I feel like forums was much better. More helpful and full of good threads as people tried to show that they could be a "helpful and positive" influence on the community. Also Wars and WC were much better too tbh.