Valk’s Update- One Month After Being Hacked/Stripped

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  1. So I know y’all been wondering, how the hell has Valk been doing.

    I’ve been quite well. Thanks for asking.

    That was until today, when I got sent a few screen shots of WC. Where one of KAW’s finest, Mei, one of the esteemed Mods who serve the mechanical clapping monkeys was busy in WC, it seems, discussing how my account wasn’t hacked. No no, you see it was MY fault. I was account sharing. The Monkeys told her so.

    I guess In one of those secret third party rooms, where they huddle, eating bananas, they also discussed the detailed investigation they did on my account. They failed to discuss this investigation with me. But that didn’t stop them from slandering me to all of WC. I read the terms of use, untrue comments like that clearly violate a whole bunch of them...but we all know those rules only apply to ppl like me and you, not those with green names. Those ppl are special and different.

    So seeing as I can’t get an answer from anyone at ATA. When I asked for even a customer service number, they just closed the ticket on me...but the Mods all got an answer. One that’s both untrue and slanderous, and then sent out the minions to Parrot it to KAW. Just like standing in a crowded room pointing at someone in one corner and saying loudly “hey that guy over there, he’s a drug dealer/pimp/cheater”. Funny thing about human nature, while some ppl will dismiss comments like that, some will consider it and some will blindly believe it.

    So. Seeing as I can’t get an answer from them, let’s try something completely different.

    How about this:

    I’m offering 100 Billion CS in charms to the person who finds the person who hacked my account, and sends me proof.

    Very little is enjoyable about this game anymore, but getting a chance to repay that person’s account(S) would give me something I would very much enjoy.

    I trust the KAW community to find out what happened much more then I trust the apes to.

    In the mean time, y’all wanna know what the best thing about NOT having 106 Quad in allies is?

    Mei is now in my hit range.
  2. Sad what this game has come to. No wonder so many keep quitting.
  3. Time to hit mei?
  4. I'll put it here since you chose not to read the PM. Here is what I sent you word for word:
    "Hia Valk. I'd like to offer an apology and will no longer make comments on your personal experience 😊 hope you have a nice day"

    I am sincere in my apology and I will not talk about your personal experience with this issue. If you still want to hit me, that's fine and dandy, I'm not apologizing because you started to hit me. I am apologizing because I realized I shouldn't be making comments on the issue. The issue is between you and ATA.

    But given the issue, people are using your situation to fear monger. So as a solution I am giving out some steps for people that are paranoid about being "hacked" (broad term).
    Change your email's password
    Change your ATA password
    Delink all devices you do not use or recognize.

    I wish no ill will on anyone here.
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  5. Not surprised a moderator is covering for a scandal involving ATA.
  6. Wow. An apology from a monkeys toy. However mealy mouthed it is. What id really like to see was an apology from the monkeys in which the sincerety was shown by fully restoring hacked accounts with compensation for the delay rather than the appalling service and libel of paying players (past). From my experience one in ten get a response and even they is either cut and paste or does not address issues raised.
    Glad you got one target bro. Hope our kawmunity can find a better one 👺
  7. What you have said here at the end is just common sense.
    People need to be aware of just common steps to ensure account security. Entering information on sketchy sites is just one way to get your information sold...
  8. The fact that people feel the need to change their logins and passwords is concerning enough. There’s no trust in ATA and their self proclaimed better than Pentagon security...But what’s more concerning to me is how little they care. About both - lack of proper security measures and lack of trust from kawmunity.

    ATA’s non existent ethics is nothing new. They always discussed investigations with other players, while we are constantly reminded that ‘mods are players just like everyone else’. This isn’t the first time Info is leaked. I remember one VK putting names out in forums and admitting that he knew exactly who complained to devs resulting in his VK being removed.

    Don’t feel special Valk, it isn’t just you, these days they don’t seem to care much at all when it comes to their customers. It’s as if they’re simply squeezing last money they can outta this game. If weekdays mid day tournaments isn’t enough of evidence of that, then idk what is.

    I’ve been consistently sending tickets for 4 months now about being unable to purchase additional ally slots, I’m getting an error message when I try. Gotten all possible copy/pastes from them, including ‘it’s being worked on’. Today I submitted another ticket reminding them that Black Friday is coming up and there will be no reason for me to spend $ unless I can bank gold in allies, which I’m capped on. Got another ‘we’ll pass it onto devs’ reply again, that’s 5th time I’m told that lol I haven’t played for almost 2 years and after coming back I see a huge difference in terms of attention devs pay to anything Kaw. I guess they’ve gotten better revenue streams since. There were always complains but things has never been this bad in my opinion. This being one of the reasons - I’m not as active or interested in playing as I used to be, so I don’t feel motivated to spend on Black Fri. I don’t even bother to spend my ‘weekly Kaw allowance’ anymore lol

    Hope you find your perp Valk. I’d like to see this if not as a ‘happy’ then at least a fun ending👀
  9. I get that hacking allegations are very serious but from the perspective of the community all we get is ATA says “we didn’t get hacked and hacking us is next to impossible” but we don’t have any insight on how much investigation was actually done into these allegations. I guess from our perspective it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a major bug to exist. It happens all the time in computer science, even in production. I feel like it’s almost arrogant for someone to say “we can’t get hacked” in any context. Especially given the history of bugs, most notably with charms not working for what, like 2 years??? Like bugs as obvious as this one can live for a while and your systems are so secure end to end that no one can hack them? Somehow this doesn’t really add up. If any details about ATA has done with a security investigation could be released that would be much appreciated
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  10. No, it wouldn’t be out of ordinary to allow a possibility of glitch in Kaw. To put it lightly lol

    Thinking of all the Kaw glitches I remember makes me rrreally wonder how secure their systems are...

    They could show evidence they based their decision on at least to the accused. But that’s not how it’s done so why wouldn’t we wonder, especially if we remember how ‘glitch proof’ this game has been the entire time.

    I know of one instance where by mistake devs cc’ed their entire email list to a player, back when we had to email support directly with tickets. Redstar’s email was on it too lol Talk about safety of our personal information...
  11. Hillairiois stuff,
  12. Lost it here. God I love it. Give her hell, buddy.
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  13. Meanwhile acetown statless alt... Nice bro
  14. Animal Farm once said something along the lines of: everyone is created equal.. it's just that some people are created more equal than others.

    Modergators are the favorited animorph of the devs.

    Can't narc on narcs.
  15. Ok so I have read a lot here. There are far too many accusations in kaw that devs follow up that shows info that they can react to.

    With regards to Valks and the issue that happened thats completely between Valk and Devs honestly. Whilst a mod is here to help and support the kaw player base we are also here as players.

    Sometimes we say things in a way that is maybe not the greatest way to put things.

    Whilst Valk did have an issue thats 100% true. When someone says shared account. The truth is that data being shared and not by the person that owns said data is still data shared intended of not.

    For example? My Netflix had unusual login. I know this cause I check my app. Call Netflix its a data breach. Wait a sec only two people know the password.

    Now was I hacked. No because the data that was exploited was not inside netflix. 100% someone managed to access my email address and figure out my password so was my email hacked. Well who knows, I cant see any unusual activity. But guess what I found an email from looked like Netflix but it was not. Like a tool clicked link something went wrong. Forgot about it.

    So yes someone accessed my account, weird I still seem to have allowed my data to leak.

    Google accounts Mine.
    Netflix account Mine
    Kaw account Mine
    The list goes on. If one of these are exploited the thats really my fault.

    My Password is obviously to weak.

    This is not a mod witch hunt never was. Devs did restore the account (rolled Back) however the ally Issue is not reversible because gold cant be returned in that way the system for Allies does not allow it to be undone.

    The same way as in RL you have gold/Money (CASH in Hands) once thats gone its gone.

    Like Mei Said

    Change Password, or even login details. This is on everything not just kaw, Facebook. The whole internet.

    If we change our password every month would these accounts have veen accessed. Alough I cant answer factually, the answer is probably No.

    Yes it sucks for Valk honestly Valk is a Friend of mine but regardless we need to change password from time to time.

    The length of password should be long. They should have numbers scattered inbetween letter not at the start or back for example apple2019 would easy to figure out.

    However 20Apples19trees1 no one will be getting into this password easy. So no one will try.

    Be safe on the internet. Always change your info it's the best way to secure you're stuff.
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  16. I’m hardly on anymore but I can certainly sympathize with the situation. I guess it’s human nature to assume the best of our allies and the worst of our enemies but this type of thing is not a first whether executed by a hacker or the the devs directly. I think the moral of the story is don’t invest too much in something you have zero control over ad for which you have little recourse.
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  17. Sorry, late to the game, just stumbled across this. I hear what you're saying Dave, but it still doesn't address Valks point that the devs should have been in communication with him and not a mod. And, yes, we all should be diligent about our passwords; however, even when we are, nothing is ever completely secure and there should also be caution and concern on the part of the vendor. The fact that there wasn't open and honest communication regarding the investigation is problematic. If, indeed, there was something Valk (and all of us) needs to do to be more secure, he needs to know exactly what it is. Further, there's a thing called Customer Service. We live in a world where acking happens, breeches happen. I've had my debit card hacked, Google play hacked and had someone rent a movie on my Prime account. In all three cases, I was made whole. Devs seem to be take a uniquely anti-customer stance on things like this. Funny though, when they screw up (land crestplates) they can get everyone back to where they were, but when someone is a victim of a crime, they can't/won't do anything. Seems pretty uncool.
  18. Customer support line? Call their office 😂😂

    +1 505 339 0600
  19. If devs care so much about security, add 2 factor authentication. Require 2FA every X days and every time new device is linked. The fact they don’t have a tool which is common in Cybersecurity is indication in and of itself that they are not “impenetrable”.
  20. So wait, I can outsource the assistance, and bag myself 100b Cs in charms, while also getting to stick a middle finger at the Devs and mods (Mei in particular).