Valiant Knight achievement!

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  1. That's the achievement I want!
  2. You'll need to get in line IGCB. KaW_Creative already won it. They'll be designing the badge soon. Rad! 
  3. Nice idea :) i love KaW
  4. Nice, I like it devs, keep it up! This will encourage people to be more helpful towards those who need help on kaw.
  5. I think tortois3 is a super helpful player and deserves valiant knight and or moderator. Thanks for listening and god bless I'm also super helpful and deserve valiant knight and or moderator.
  6. I like this idea. Prior to this there have been people who thought it was cool to talk down to players for various reasons. This inspires respect in the kaw community, and hopefully it sticks!
  7. @Eric- I think you definitely deserve this achievement. I've seen you stand up for people over bullying and things of a similar nature. You're helpful and you're a good friend.  I'm sure you'll get it in no time.
  8. I'm kinda liking the knight hunter idea lol it makes he smile inside, by the way devs great job on the biggest suck up award ....
  9. Makes me smile**^^ dang

  10. What does valiant mean anyway? Cool? I don't need it then.
  11. Brave, courageous.
  12. Ok thats Great but i speck arabic how are you going to know if i help some one or not ?
  13. I don't know who the copy editor is in charge at ATA but KaW_Creative is really enjoying their artistic license. I can respect their choice of diction especially considering that this is a 9 plus app. It's pretty funny to see the variations of writing styles among the dev accounts.

    With that said, some of us learned English as a second language and/or are not familiar with the Vancouverite vernacular. It is difficult to understand what rad and awesome are supposed to encompass (in the OP) when the context is somewhat ambiguous.

    Thankfully I was able to do a quick web search and educate myself on the radical 1980's consumer culture. I would enjoy a more direct/ concrete context [in some form] to help those of us that are socially undeveloped... before I assume that being "rad" is slang for radical fundamentalism.

  14. There is a movie called Rad. Watch it... It explains everything.

    To ruin the whole movie for you I can sum it up to this:

    A backflip on a BMX bicycle is "Rad"

    Valian Knight prospect here XD
  15. nice idea creative team but do we need to keep shouting on wc for getting it? can u give some details? Thanx :D
  16. Not sure exactly what you mean, but the devs will release who won the award some time in the near future, and just read the op again, might help you understand better :)
  17. Will __PERSEPOLIS__ get it too? I hope so! 
  18. Good luck devs! It's going to be difficult trying to find all the awesome people on the forums. :p
  19. How do I know if I did good?and cool