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  1. I don't know how often devs give this out. But there is one thing I do know. I rostered all of S3 at Minas Morgul and wc'd almost every war. The time and effort I put in to all of that comes
    nowhere close to what PandaGeorde put in to his Damones list.

    Am I biased? Maybe a little because he is a great member of my clan. However, he did do the warring community a great service with his awesome thread. Over 19k views. His hard work deserves recognition. The work put in to rostering and wcing all wars is nothing in comparison to his effort on Damocles. So deves and mods for what it's worth I am here to nominate pandageorge for valiant knight for his contributions to the KaW community.

    Clqn mate or not this guy deserves a huge kudos for his hard work
  2. I support 100% for this. The dude did it for the public, he had nothing to gain from this
  3. PandaGeorge should get tvk for all the work he put into that Damocles list. Hard work and tons of effort. I support this nomination but if you are going to nominate there's a thread for it
  4. Honestly the domocles list is a HUGE community service that I think deserves massive recognition.

    It covers a massive oversight in system war mechanics, and I think it deserves more recognition.
  5. Support* :roll:
  6. I agree. And if someone can link the official thread we can nominate him there. 
  7. Ill bump the thread into AT one sec
  8. ️NO SUPPORT️

    TVK's "help" the community. Whilst he helped clans know who not to accept.... He also was the reason some accounts couldn't war. Refer Moose's thread-->QUOTE: "These Knights have, through their deeds and actions, made Kaw a better place to be."

    I know I've fallen asleep during a war accidentally. Yet it'd be because of him I could never war again.

    "Helping some, Hurting some"

    Before you reply... No I'm not on that list. I'm more butthurt about Sh/LB stacking.
  9. Refer to TVK Swabia. He doesn't help people he brings ospvp to people.

    PandaGeorge brought a massive list of war inactives to avoid warring with due to reputation of inactivity. A service that at this point in time is thankless. So in technicality he helped the community.
  10. And it was entertaining lol. Points for style
  11. He helped the warring community indeed. But looking at s3 turnout thats not very many.

    Doing one good deed is not worthy of tvk. If he is going to maintain this season after season then maybe so.

    1/2 support with final answer under advisement.

    Dodga out.
  12. for what he put into it this, VK achievement would be a drop in the bucket or what is deserved.

    efforts appreciated
  13. Sorry but no support from me.

    Yes what he done was a good thing, with a lot of effort, but one good deed doesn't deserve to be a VK. Sorry, just my opinion.

  14. I think the whole Damocles list was idiotic from the word go. If you get an inactive in your clan, well then it shows what sort of show your clan is running. It was just an excuse for some butthurt people to stop people from warring, because they were dumb enough to get some WC merc at the last second.

    Is it worth a Valiant Knight achievement.

    Did Swabia deserve a Valiant Knight achievement.

    So I guess there is hope?