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  1. Well, this is a stripping tip. I will now show you why I don't grow my hansels past 4m CS, and why a HLBC spy build is USELESS.

    Bellow; we have a bank of mine. Chilling with ... Amount of cash out.

    The follow actions I will explain from bottom up. The same gold was kept between actions, no tampering at all.


    So, the first attack was from my alt, which took a pretty horrid amount. Id hate to receive a unload of attacks from that account. If I could've used a HLBC to attack my bank I would've, but unfortunately was the largest acc I could use to hit my bank.

    The next steal is from a 100k/100k/2m/2m hansel of mine. Which takes practically nothing compared to the attack.

    The next steal is from this account. The amount taken slightly drops as the bank has less cash out than last time. But if I where to have the same amount out as the first steal it would be EXACTLY the same.

    The next attack is obviously by this account. With the EXACT same amount of gold out. The difference is huge.

    Therefore, the size of the account stealing does not matter AT ALL. A small hansel or a guild hansel take the same as a HLBC hansel. That is why iD rather make 6 4m CS hansels for the same price as a HLBC hansel and be able to take 6x the amount of gold.

    Attacks on the other hand, are affected MASSIVELY by the size of the account hitting as you can see. Therefore in strips, always make sure to have your largest Combine Stat build hitting.

    Because of this, an attack build like xWarRocketAJAXx would take more than my HLBC account with 3m static spy as its CS is much lower than Ajax. Therefore if you have multiple Alts, it is wise to have a huge balanced attack build with biggest CS possible, the only downside is its very easy to pin and would need to Xstal if didn't want to be sat on all day.

    Just a tip. As I constantly see people wasting their time as a HLBC hansel nowadays, and always saying that a larger spy takes more gold. Which is not true.
  2.  Thanks for clarification
  3. Love when Val educates forums
  4. This is a reason why it's hard to strip Swabia properly...

    People are constantly hitting him. If I tried skimming with my largest build some idiot would probably assass him or attack using some tiny ass build and the amount taken is much less. LMFAO.
  5. Good work val :D
  6. Very informative. Nice work like always Val 
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  8. When you hit with valintine how much good did you make overall?
  9. Thanks for the insight Val!
  10. He made almost nothing if the alt is a GH, what he takes doesn't matter.
  11. True, but sometimes you do need the stats to steal them huge SDT builds. Mith and full pots with a 4m cs hansel won't be enough to steal from a 7m spy def account. Trust me, I've tried
  12. <3 pretty sweet brah
  13. Val logic always kicks ass.
  14. Black, nah. Save yourself a Year of HLBC and just get morning star and soul reaper and the bracers. Voila. Pot advantage and the aggressive-ness of the mith equip means no build is stopping steals
  15. And black- that would be a haxor build. Haxor's are un-strippable. As if you steal too many times and they are zeroed, they go DTW.
  16. Pffff bump for the noobs to see
  17. I think you've also got the bonus of ppl actually willing to tangle with you. Players tend to go 'all in' on a softer seeming target.

    Big ups to the valentine massive, I'm a convert
  18. Val has bad hair :O