Vaccines Debate

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  1. im not anti vax and dont have kids. However its unlikely vaccinations will play a big part in a ball pit surely? Anyway if my child hadnt been vaxed it'd do them good, boost immune system
  2. If you are not against it then you’re just a troll spreading disinformation.

  3. Regarding that side effect list... Everything has side effects. Even paracetamol

    Also natural vs ununatural, this argument is stupid because you can make this claim against anything.

    People unable to move without mobility scooters, crutches, prosthetics. These are unnatural and are bad?

    Diabetics that REQUIRE insulin to live, unnatural and also bad?

    Bandaids and antibacterial items to stop infection also unnatural so bad?

    A vaccine is unnatural but ensures the survival of many of us who wouldn't live otherwise.

    Endangering the life of others just because you want to wear a tinfoil hat is completely inhumane.

    If you want to bring back survival of the fittest feel free to watch a lot of population pass on NATURALLY

    The whole reason vaccines came to be was out of necessity.

    But hey measles, mumps, rubella and whooping cough etc. are fun. I haven't heard of these personally because they were non-existent in our society today. But atleast they'll bring back SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST
  4. so toxic, this is a DEBATE, ive stated what sources i could therefore you can check out said sources and decide for yourself, you dumb af :lol:
  5. eventually though if everyone came devoted to anti-vax natural selection and what not would create an anti-disease population right? My biology isnt too good so correct me if im wrong?
  6. Cry about what's natural and un-natural to a person swollen from mumps, or a person covered in small pox. What's un-natural is denying the hundreds of thousands of geniuses that dedicated their lives to create these modern miracles of medical science. Its un-natural to think because you read some articles on the internet, written by some snake oil salesman that you are more experianced medically. Keep walking the flat earth with your chin-up cowboy.
  7. im not even anti-vax, its a controversial topic i was willing to debate on. Get informed on the topic and have fun debating it, no need to get emotional. would've been a fun productive thread if we all agreed
  8. That would require several generations of people getting infected of disease and dying, even still diseases still exist.

    Today - hiv/aids, cancer of insert whatever here, meningaccocal AND MANY MORE.

    Vaccines are the way of the future. Evolution is great and all but takes farrrr too long and survival of the fittest is barbaric.

    Answer the rest of my post as well, you glanced over several paragraphs.

    A disease free society is through vaccine and ensures the safety of most people otherwise death will be commonplace again.
  9. most of it rhetorical questions and the occaisonal personal atk. only other point i can address is the natural and unnatural counterpoint which has already been addressed and again, you have provided a good analogy in which i have nothing to respond to
  10. Do you also concede your side effects point?
  11. Everyone who is actually smart and isn’t brainwashed sheep knows that vaccines are a scheme by BIG PHARMA to get your hard earned money. Some of y’all need to seriously do some research and learn for yourself. Please don’t make me tell y’all the painful story about my buddy Steve who died because of vaccines..
  12. Me n my frend new Steve who got vaceen n ded now
  13. Exactly. Plenty people now have also heard Steve’s tragic story. Please don’t let Steve’s death be in vain people. Let us uplift you and educate you. We can’t keep letting BIG PHARMA dictate our lives and our hard earned money. Do research. Learn for yourself. There are plenty of blogs and great fb groups that will provide you with actual real information, not spoon fed to you by BIG PHARMA.
  14. Not going to even read anything else on this. There is no valid debate against vaccinations, especially for children.
  15. If your kid can go to school unvaccinated, mine gets to bring a peanut butter sandwich!
  16. I don’t see how peanut butter sandwiches are relevant, but I’m sure your kid would get bullied because other kids would want the peanut butter sandwich. But okay?
  17. The FDA approves of a lot of chemicals to put on our food that aren’t that great tho. I think it’s the company that owns Round Up that also created a bean that doesn’t die when round up is sprayed on it. This company also has like 10-20 former employees and upper management in some of the higher ranking FDA spots and is one of the biggest donors to the Republican Party. Pretty sure you can tell where I’m going with this.

    Round Up is a chemical that you can spray on weeds and grass and they die in 3 hours and we spray that on about 70-80% of our produce (according to the FDA). Someone just won a big lawsuit bc Round Up was proven to give him cancer and he was lucky enough to survive.

    Seems fishy to me.

    FDA is wild.
    Vaccines are okay but I feel that putting that into babies who haven’t even fully developed immune systems probably isn’t safe. But I’m not a scientist or doctor... just my opinion.
  18. nope, side effects are POSSIBLE either way.

  19. He is making a joke about how children are not allowed to bring peanut butter to school because it may be a potential allergen to another student. Titt for tat on risking the safety of other children due to the actions of your own child. Peanut butter sandwich vs non vaccinated.
  20. The Immune system is a extrodionary biological defense - your body is able to fight off all kinds of diseases. However, with diseases the body has never seen, it takes considerably longer for your body to fight these diseases, weakening the overall immune system. Imagine, as a child, fighting off a particularly powerful disease - then have to fight off another one immediately after. It is not a good situation to be in.

    For lack of a better term, when a disease enters the body, your immune system has to identify it. When this disease has never been seen before, your body employs “intelligence cells” in order to figure out the best way to fight it. This can be a timely process, and it allows for the disease to do more damage to the body/ weaken your immune system. At the end of this process, “memory cells are created”. These cells lie dormant in the body, activating if/when that same disease enters the body.

    The vaccine process creates memory cells in a safer way. However, sometimes, simply Inserting a dormant disease into the body does not create a sufficient amount of memory cells, hence why, sometimes, mutations of diseases are inserted in the body, which are considerably weaker forms of possibly deadly diseases. The purpose of this is to have the body “break a sweat” when fighting off these diseases, creating more memory cells, and strengthening your natural defense later on. This, along with allergic reactions, are where the complications of vaccines come into play.

    However, if you look at the facts, you will begin to clearly see that the dangers behind vaccinations are extremely minimal. Naturally getting these diseases is much more dangerous than these so called “dangers of vaccination”. While unlikely, Chicken Pox/Shingles is a potentially deadly disease. It is extremely difficult to find cases where someone actually , 100% dies from obtaining a chicken pox vaccine. Sure, you can find cases, but these cases are not 100% proven, and complications could have arisen from other conditions. In other words, nobody really knows how dangerous a chicken pox vaccine is. What we do know, is that it is not dangerous at all. While, in a first world country with excellent health care, chicken pox is not really a dangerous disease, there are cases that, with absolute certainty, it can lead to the death of the human. This is a small %, but a percentage nonetheless. This percentage is nowhere near the lack of danger presented from a vaccine.

    Vaccines are really not a good idea if the possibility of a severe allergic reaction is present. However, these people(and parents) should be the biggest vaccine supporters of all! Since they are unable to receive a vaccine, their strength lies with the herd effect. This basically means that, since so many around you are immune(vaccinated), your strength is in numbers. It is very difficult to become infected when so many around you are immune.

    Many argue that vaccines don’t work, because getting vaccinated does not always protect against the flu, for example. Keep in mind the flu virus is a completely different beast than many other virus’s - it mutates rapidly, and vaccines are specifically created, in the lab, from the flu virus. Due to the nature of these mutations, this ensures you must get a vaccine each year, and that the vaccine is not always 100% effective - but make no mistake, it is very effective.

    Also, keep in mind that vaccines do not cause autism. This was published in an inaccurate report, and it has been disproven many times.

    In other words, Memory cells are great. Vaccines are a safer way to obtain memory cells. Go Vaccines!