useless land tokens aqua equip etc...

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  1. When u gonna let us trade up tokens we dont need for new grid, or aqua; or let us dump old equip ? maybe we could see a 2/3 return on any elements or mith spent???

    The showcase is a great idea if you put long gone medals, banners equip etc that is retired and not coming back instead of crux n junk in it.

    give us a buy back on all sorts of stuff, just a few a week maybe and see if a promo like that helps your big $$$ accts keep growing.
  2. all of these lowland tokens i keep collecting are absolutely useless
  3. Sell all your buildings then rebuild them. Problem solved
  4. And that'll make someone so much gold  Rather have some kind of trade up system.
  5. Tokens useless? Not thought put into that.
    Mith useless? See answer above
    EQ in showcase is junk? Again see above
  6. Not thought indeed.
  7. Yes,i transmuted all my 10k aqua for 5 xtal each,so give me 33k xtals back pls
  8. 50k*

    That being said as has been said in the thread already you can use your tokens to rebuild buildings for extra cash not the best gold earner but it's still useful. Just because it's not what you want doesn't make it bad.

    Mith can be used to purchase war equipment and then you can transmute that so again it has a use.

    Aqua and Inferno still has a use as new equipment is always coming out for you to enchant.
  9. Theres no such thing as useless land tokens as they can be converted into gold very easily with build and demolish.

    Theres no such thing as useless equip as it can now be transmuted.

    Theres no such thing as useless aqua inferno as its extremly difficuilt to max every single piece of equip before transmution.

    Pointless request thread for things we already have

  10. *33k said 2/3 back.
    And if you didnt get it i was joking.
  11. Haha yes you're right I forgot the 2/3 bit ;)
  12. Op iq's is pretty low, his ability to solve problems is weak. Please lock this thread.
  13. People were always asking for a "change your build day" too. So "unusable" build tokens can be saved up over time so we can all eventually convert to Hansel :^)
  14. I have no use for build tokens since I don't grow, but do you hear me complaining? No, I'm just going to use my tokens the smart way like people have already been saying and just make 15T off of the ones I have right now, but I guess that's useless right? :3
  15. The tokens are great. Save them for build changes when you go in and out of osw
  16. Here's an idea like the one above
    Sell you're ll and hl buildings for gold
    Use the plates and rebuild but use the gold you got from it and upgrade a bigger building like osmond abyss ect at least you can grow a bit from it ?