Upholding the Standard of the Golden Reaper

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  1. The Golden Reaper challenges you

    Hello friends!

    A new PvP feature is launching today. It will run weekly from Mondays through Fridays Noon Pacific, and is intended to allow for some higher stakes PvP, and to let those victorious show off.

    By buying and owning a Standard of the Golden Reaper in the marketplace, you will be opted in. While the event is active (between Monday Noon and Friday Noon Pacific time), if you have a Standard of the Golden Reaper, you will be able to destroy others' banners. For each other banner you destroy, you will be rewarded by the Golden Reaper with gold bars and a 👑crown emoji spell👑.

    If you are in a scheduled war, the war will supercede these effects.

    As with everything we do, this is subject to change. Expect this feature to evolve as we all interact with it.

    Boons for the Brave and Victorious

    The Golden Reaper does not allow every monarch a chance at a boon. There is always a cost, and the price is high.

    Purchasing a Standard of the Golden Reaper from the marketplace costs 100T gold. For each Standard you destroy while holding your own, you will be paid roughly 55T gold in gold bars. You can destroy someone's banner by pinning them while you also own a Standard. If the defender has self-pinned or been pinned by someone else, scouting them will destroy their banner (assuming no one else has managed to do so before you). If you pin either spies or troops, it counts as a pin.

    There is also a small chance that any successful PvP attack, while holding a Standard of the Golden Reaper, will find a Pallumen Crestplate shard.

    Hold high this Standard and demonstrate why you are fit to rule.
  2. Big support
  3. Omg yes ! Let the fun begin , opt in you ladies and let's party
  4. Devs implementing something we want?!? Must be Christmas 🙌
  5. If I’m reading this correctly it costs 100t to buy but destroying one rewards 55t, so is this a ploy to remove gold from the game? Or just a good way to transfer gold...
  6. Does it require a successful action to destroy the banner or can you pin them with fails and it will still destroy it?
  7. 100t to opt in ! Ha ha
  8. The pinning attack must be successful.
  9. If pinned does the banner break or is it just buy one banner for the whole week?
  10. Says that pinning someone destroys their banner, but leaves yours intact. So if you pin 2 or more people with banners, you've paid off your buy-in plus some.
  11. Support 💪 although think would be better if banner showed up under active spells instead of showcase (too much work to see who’s opt in)
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  12. Does this apply just to attack(+steal?), or any PvP action?
  13. Can we bloody get green ko’s back on iOS 😴
  14. So you buy a banner for 100t then search thru everyone's showcase looking for an opted in banner! Then decide if you can win on it ! All the while you risk losing your own banner and have to buy a new one if you lose it ! So 100 t to maybe win 55t ! Well done Devs absolutely well thought out event again ; slow hand clap
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  15. From experience, it seems atk/stl/assn will have the chance of dropping shards.Also, as long as you are opted in, you will gain that chance, no matter if the defender is opted in or not.
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  16. Was about to hit cast but not with that opt in price
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  17. Really enjoy this event well done devs but can you make it easier to find other banners
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  18. Agreed, haven’t opted in but it would be a good idea to make it easier to see who’s in.