Updated War Schedule, Added Additional Round Type

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  1. Hi KaWmunity,

    It looks like the Kingdom and Allies Only wars have been fairly popular, and they're also much closer in plunder difference on average. With that being said, I've decided to make some changes to the war schedule to help further promote participation! There's now a 4th type of war, Kingdom & Allies Only NO DTW/DTS. This type of war is almost identical to the current Kingdom & Allies Only, but removes hit restrictions, so players can hit each other regardless of size. Furthermore, all wars EXCEPT Lowland wars now have a differing number of max participants per team. This number is stated in the description of each war.

    War Types

    • Individual - This war includes stats from your kingdom, your allies, your equipment (including charms), and any temporary bonuses such as spells. Players sign up individually.
    • Kingdom and Allies Only - This war includes stats from your kingdom, your allies, and any temporary bonuses. Players sign up individually.
    • Kingdom and Allies Only NO DTW/DTS - This war includes stats from your kingdom, your allies, and any temporary bonuses. There are no hit ranges in this war. Players sign up individually.
    • Lowland - This war includes stats from your lowland kingdom, and temporary bonuses. Players sign up as a clan.

    War Sizes

    As mentioned previously, there are now different sizes within each type:

    • Individual - Up to 15 or up to 30 members per side.
    • Kingdom and Allies Only - Up to 15 or up to 30 members per side.
    • Kingdom and Allies Only NO DTW/DTS - Up to 10 or up to 20 members per side.
    • Lowland - Exactly 15 members per side.


    With new wars means a new schedule! There will be a one hour break from 23:00 PST until 00:00 PST on Nov 30th-Dec 1st, 2018 where there are no wars and this schedule changes over. The following war times will be as follows (all times are PST):

    Slot 1 - Sign Up Open: 00:00 | Sign Up Closed 03:00 | War Starts 04:00 | War Ends 05:00

    Slot 2 - Sign Up Open: 05:00 | Sign Up Closed 08:00 | War Starts 09:00 | War Ends 10:00

    Slot 3 - Sign Up Open: 10:00 | Sign Up Closed 13:00 | War Starts 14:00 | War Ends 15:00

    Slot 4 - Sign Up Open: 15:00 | Sign Up Closed 17:00 | War Starts 18:00 | War Ends 19:00

    Slot 4 - Sign Up Open: 19:00 | Sign Up Closed 22:00 | War Starts 23:00 | War Ends 00:00
  2. Awesome.
    Get rid of charms.
  3. So this gifting thing....
  4. The problem is people with stats like mine get put in brackets with 4bil c/s players.

    Having no brackets is no fun, bigger builds will always out plunder and if you have small stats nothing you do will decide if you win or not.
  5. There are still brackets for matchmaking, but within each war there wouldn't be restrictions. This is something a lot of players wanted so it was something worth testing. I definitely welcome all feedback once it's out :)
  6. Winston I think LL war should be removed. Few LL war have not enough players to roster 2 clan for match. The other clan who casting sometimes have to cast alts to make another roster so they get a match. Why not make that war slot as KA.
  7. There is still a died lowland wars lol
  8. Timing is not good for those in GMT 8 which is a large part of Asia. The possible war times for those working would be 8pm or 1am - too early or too late.
  9. Lowland wars are the best type of wars, it's just that participation in these wars are very low because no one wants to waste time in recruiting and wcing when you can reach your tokens target easily with indi wars. Poor war rewards with no equipment is the other factor for downfall of lowland wars.
  10. So wars for european ppl are dead. 11pm, 3am sleeping, 8am going to work, 1pm at work, 6pm driving back from work. Lol

    Poor guys
  11. Awesome job devs thank you for looking into war, but making less and less wars where charms can be used has wasted many players time and money collecting these for basically nothing. Another aspect abandoned by the developers to appease the complaining.
  12. that's assuming all europeans work live on the same schedule. pretty sure there is more than one shift in europe
  13. Ok typo y'all have two slots for #4.
  14. I like these my only feedback having done a few now is..

    I would keep the KA wars up to 30 man roster only the smaller 10-12-15 size roster is too small and a bit hit miss for instance a couple big PS top roster can't plunder and does impact but his is more balanced in 30 man. I liked the up to 30 man this applies to KA and the KA no dtw/s would like to see both as 30 man only.. Ajax
  16. Thank you for the feedback! I will probably let these wars run around a month or so and gather more feedback to see how to make more improvements!
  17. new schedules timings are pretty terrible for asians
  18. Change back the war timing to previous ... this timing suck we got life !!! 