[UPDATED] Cycle of Flame - Zelgarad The Accursed

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    How strong do I need to be to succeed on this battle ? You have given me token for this battle yet when will I be able to win against it? Seems pointless to award tokens that cannot be used by me, perhaps I could trade the tokens for gold instead ? Gold is all I need at the moment I have enough head aches without this
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    The owners/creators of this game is nothing but a bunch of money hungry, greedy and stubborn fools. This game is slowly being destroyed by your greed and honestly i dont think ill be around to see it. I absolutly love KAW, except the spending money part, ive been playing 11 months and during these past 11months ive noticed a ggreat increase in the amount of "pay to win" events. Its stupid. This game is bs just because of the devs greed.
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    This is plrolly the most pricy event yet. $10 for an eb thats short and i assume to get level 10 ring in time you need to pay $1 for each idol. How much is this going to cost us for level 10? If you get it and spent less than $50, i applaud you.
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    The drop rate suuuuucks. At least the psion dropped per eb, not random small amounts from rare "chests".

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    spent over. 300nobs an i only.got 1idol
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    I just got a ring, spent around 30 nobs getting it.

    1. The EB requires money to open it.
    2. The EB *might* give you an idol.
    3. The Idol might give you ash, the numbers don't seem good.
    4. The ring requires inferno + aqua + ash to enchant!
    5. The ring fails when enchanting.

    I wonder if the developers were thinking this through.
    How is someone supposed to max this? It's not even reasonable! If ZTA dropped ash, it would make more sense and would be doable.

    Someone knock some sense into the devs!
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    add to it the stats of the ring still suck
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    They own buggati, yacht, and China :lol: .
  9. Updated - 10/5

    Zelgarad The Accursed has been upgraded!

    Health Bars are now 2.5 times bigger and increased Icon of Agony drops!

    Log in before 11:59PM PDT on October 13th to receive FIVE free Aevum Circle Pieces.
  10. Wow that'll fix everything /end sarcasm
  11. Hey there starting to do gud again
  12. Interesting. Wonder if it will increase the amount of stronger clans that run it now that it's not like running a horn?

    Kudos to the devs for listening to alot of the forum complaints about the eb (Atleast the constructive ones)
  13. Even more inflation here I come
  14. Should make pay to win EB's like ambush where everyone no matter their size does the same damage IMO but whatever.
  15. LOL!
    So bassically all the people who've been spending money on the new eb for the past 3 days were cheated. I mean, they paid for what now looks like a beta test of the promo epic. Since it has been tweaked. That's not cool devs...
    Also, this event sucks.
  16. For once I think I think I completely agree with you
  17. Thank you!
  18. 1) it's not an event any more than any other EB is an event.
    2) boo-frickin-hoo they were cheated! I played 2 years before they increased most of the EB plunders by 40% or whatever, but nobody is crying for me. I was cheated! I deserve 2 years of plunder increases.
    3) "basically" has 1 "s"
  19. How many of you still think this eb is "temporary"? If it succeeds in lining devs pokets it will be temporary as hte. If we get stuck with this inflated version of hte it's all you consumer's faults.
  20. No