[UPDATED] Chaos Wars (6/16 - 6/18)

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    :-( ****
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    Still no return to 7pm pdt wars? Thanks devs
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    If u all notice, those complain will be those with EE 5 . Those support will be low or 0 ee.XD. support clan war
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    Not my fault my war clans always suck. Wait... Kinda is, I'm not a damn SH.
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    Kc get sacked and still we get no response.eb builds are the way to go now.
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    Sledgehammer, you should drop build to SH then complain on forums about how much effort you put into your war build.
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    Lol. Thanks but no thanks.
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    I don't blame you mate. It takes a lot of effort to put up a $3.1b building compared to those cheap arse HF ones.
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    Support for individual wars.
    You called this noob war? I am sure you need to sign up first for this war because if you have good tower build then you will be sure placed with all tower peeps .
    You always get match against same like your build then what is problem?
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    Ur not with ur clannies ... Ur friends for 2-1/2 years in my case... Wat u are in is a mixed group of people all with their own agendas wat little team work does come out of it it lost in the next ee match as ur all mixed up again .. And I assure u not all builds even in the towered clans are towered

    Nothing wrong with the indi wars .. I would just like to see clan wars fixed so we can atleast war with most if not all our own clannies even if that means restrictions

    And a good mix of both types would be fine I'm just hoping we don't get stuck with only indi wars as our only option to do ee ... Would mean the end of ee for a lot of us that have been in ee since the start
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    Lol i dont belive clan wars can be fixed. It was gh then sh. You will always have people and clans that find an exploit in the system and get every drop of it. If they somehow fixed sh id give it 2 days until some1 found the next exploit build or roster stack
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    **** yeah ASW! Also I like the style of all individual wars, and there's so many I can do!
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    I like there being more individual wars this week. Lucky to get 8-10 clans worth at 15 ppl signed up for a prime time "exploit war" (clan war). I'll take a fair "noob" war over a stacked "elitist exploit" war any day.
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    @kaw community

    When will the next war be after ASW? Dont want to have ee run out by then
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    Please make some wars 10pm edt otherwise I can't war, at least alternate between 9 and 10 to accommodate all
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    Pls devs, put few 8pm gmt wars. Why not? Any issue to have 2-3 8pm gmt wars a week?
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    Love the indi advantage wars & the 9pm est war time slot devs!! I can now war of the night before work. Keep up the good work!!
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    Please if these wars are suppose to be so fair then why no set ko wars? U made advantage and random to off set the fact wars were so lopsided ....

    Many of us hate advantage but if u need to keep them advantage for whatever reason can u atleast make then the 2 or 3 minute windows please!!! With the mix of people and lack of cohesion in these indi wars would be nice to have the option of control style tactics specially with the different experience lvl of players in ee
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    I have a feeling there will be a special Mithril spell to cast for ASW, while outside your clan.

    ASW sign ups Thursday it is!