[UPDATED] Chaos Wars (6/16 - 6/18)

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    so clans like urs dont win every war andmake people give up as soon as they match you, these wars are fair, which is what im guessing you dont like krat, it gives everyone a chance to war
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    If u wanna war work on a war build. Its that simple. Indiv war sucks. Cant even apply alts to clan etc when matched. Its a mess. I guess warriors will have a week off before asw. Or at least offer indiv war along side normal war. Indiv war is a complete gamble. Good war clans arent. Why gamble unless ur build is awful for war. Should just call it noob wars to be honest. Hopefully they will reduce them cause rancor 50 will be impossible if half the wars are like this.
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    Well I won't be involved in these wars
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    I like the all indy wars obviously (im a mid) lol. But why in the hell are we waiting until the day b4 to do asw sign ups
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    hmmm, i get vacation and ready to war every possible war, and you come out with this crap.

    guess i get to save my money this week.

    this is just stupid
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    i guess only real voice in in play store feedback

    war clans dont care what you change to the system, we just want to war together for the most part, poeple we know and trust, thats why we are together in a clan.
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    Dont change the war times back to 10 pm. Far more people cant war the 10 pm war slots, no matter how much the west coast complains.
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    It's individual wars all week because that's the matching algorithm being used for the asw obviously, perfect opportunity to have it running on point. The addition of this years asw only happened once the devs figured the individual platform could work for asw.
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    All 7-13min adv?? Lameeee
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    Yay more individual wars. Too bad we can't run wars during the asw though.
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    oh, they are all individual wars.
    not to mention that type of ko is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeessst!
    guess who is making plans with the family this week?
    every other experienced player that doesnt want to waste a crystal.

    i wouldnt mind if you guys figured out a way to run both clan wars and individual wars at the same time though.
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    Some fixed ko pls
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    Can't you do matched wars and individual wars at same time if your in a clan clans get matched and if your not then you go to an individual war clan I like the noob wars and all try can be fun but still wanna be able to war with friends and people I trust that have made an effort to build their accts to be suitable for wars noob wars are a total crap shoot as to wether you get inactives or crap ps who don't even bother to drop te one attack build its nice to war a random acct and get ee1 but I would never risk ee on a noob war
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    Make it where there are individual wars and clan wars so the people that always get rejected to do a war in a clan can just do the individual war and the better people who probably would be in a clan would go against another good clan
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    ASW signup at the end.Exciting ;)
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    Umm are u turning away from clan v clan wars on a permanent basis ? Or is this week because of ASW ?

    Also any word on how the off server testing is going and wat data ur looking at would be nice to keep us up to date if possible Ty
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    They are probably running test for asw. Look for asw to be the same format as ee. Probably bigger roster and 2 to 4 hrs. Would be my guess
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    Loving the indi wars,keep them coming. Every match is fair and every war exciting. It's a lot of fun warring with the same people you warred against in the last one. Inactives not a big factor
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    SWEET SOMETHING OF SOMEPLACE. All individual wars. Guess I'll be busy warring this week.
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     War :look: