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  1. I just got the update, and I noticed that achievements I have already done aren't unlocked. Will I have to do that again? Or do I just have to wait for it to update itself?

  2. Where can I find the achievements?
  3. Go to profile
  4. It's not on the profile.
  5. After you get the update from the AppStore, you go to profile, there should be a section there for it; but mine is empty; even though I have a lot of those done already
  6. I had to install the update about 5 times before it actually worked stupid apple Microsoft wouldn't've had such a dumb mistake
  7. Cool, I'm updating rite now.

  8. The updates don't work for me, the slightly updates interface yes, but achievements don't seem to work properly.
  9. They will give it time
  10. Lol im having the same problem :)
  11. Must be a huge update - taking forever to load...

    Is the iPhone update required to get this to work on the PC? I see the Achievments on the PC, but they're all undone... I thought the devs said they would be retro'd?
  12. They're awarding them soon ;)
  13. I already got my award
  14. I'm still waiting
  15. does the Summoning Circle update come with this last update?
  16. @Demi
    I do not believe so. I think this update was for the OS 4, achievements, amd refurbished layout.

  17. I think for all the attk/spy ones u got to do it 1x n it will be given right atleast fir me it did
  18. See the stickied thread by the devs
    Also, check Achievements info in Other Game Discussion.
  19. coooool achievements :D
  20. Mine working fine but the acheivments have no reward :(