UPDATE: PVP Weekend Investigation

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  1. Greetings Warriors!
    We WILL be running the PVP Event this upcoming Weekend July 30 to August 2nd!


    First things first, thank you all for your continued patience and assistance while we work to resolve this. Your understanding and eagerness to help us resolve the issue is incredibly helpful. And apologies again to those that may feel the impact of the lag or of missing out on a PVP Event.

    To recap, last weekend we took a break from the PVP Event to collect useful data on what may be the cause of recent lag concerns. After this test we are much closer to the issue, but we need to investigate further and will be turning the event back on this coming weekend.

    What this means for you:
    • PVP Weekend Event WILL run this upcoming weekend July 30 to August 2nd
    • If you encounter instances of lag, please share your feedback as your reports are super helpful.
    • We will continue to update you on our next steps.

    Please continue to share your reports with us, they really help us fix these problems! The most useful reports include:
    1. When the problem occurred, specifically. Date and time, down to the minute
    2. What you were trying to do when the problem occurred
    3. Any error codes you saw
    4. If you were you playing on wifi or using mobile data
    5. Any screenshots or especially screen captures of the issue
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  2. Thanks for putting out the survey where we got to rank our favorite events! I can’t speak for everyone most people that I interact with in the pvp community value asw quite a bit.

    Is there any possibility that pvp weekend can be turned off when asw comes back around? the hanging actions were much better when pvp weekend was removed. I’m trying to collect more data about when the lag happens and the error messages I get and will send them over

    Generally, actions in war and pvp just “hang” or are “in progress” for a very long extended period of time.

    iOS: Pressing home and going back to app (not force quit) will generally let you perform actions again. The action does seem to go through and you will get the successful/unsuccessful action screen anywhere from 20-40 seconds from when you started the action. With the workaround of going to home screen, it’s generally quite manageable.

    If you force quit the app mid action the successful/unsuccessful action screen does NOT POP UP even if you do it very quickly

    Android - the screen hangs on “attacking” and then the message changes to “still attacking”, and eventually changes to “Could not contact server. Please try again” and the action seems to NOT go through contrary to what happens on iphone. The ONLY way to unfreeze the app is with force quitting, or waiting for the “Could not contact server, please try again” error around 20-40s after the action is attempted
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  3. Edit for Android the action does go through. It's also not limited to epic battles. I ran into this issue transmuting equipment and starting and stopping ebs.
  4. The andriod lag is exactly as described. The fasest way around this is to not close the app, but rather turn off your wifi connection then back on. This will speed up the message saying could not connect to server, but u can do another action. Wont help u avoid an ako however, and is a pain when spamming a repin. This same lag occurs on epic battles also, but not as often.
  5. *crickets* so we all know weekend pvp is causing the lag… are y’all gonna fix it or what? I’m sick of this constant spinning wheel. Are we playing Kingdoms of Lag? It makes no sense why nothing has been accomplished these past couple weeks.
  6. I uploaded some images of an example of this lag on imgur by request of ata support.


    Here are more detailed notes on what’s going on and my analysis:

    Done on Android at 9:31pm pst on 8/12/2021.

    I was enchanting around 100 items on my android and I ran across the “server lag” glitch when doing so. The still transmuting screen lasts for about 20-40 seconds and ends with the error message “Cannot contact server. Please try again”

    The third photo is when i tried to enchant the same piece again. It says “not enough” because the ring is already transmuted.

    So my best guess is the action goes through normally and the server processes it regularly. It sends back a message that somehow gets lost in transit or the client is too busy to process the response so the client believes that the outgoing action was never received by the server. If the client had received the server response, it would not give the error message: “could not contact server”. The server was clearly contacted because the transmute went through and shows up in my showcase. So the only reasonable explanation is the client sends an action, the server receives it, and the client doesn’t receive/process the response before the timeout. Hopefully it’s obvious how big of an issue this is, but just to put things in perspective - at times when i’m running xtals on htr quickly, i can hit this up to one in 5 actions. At that speed i need minutes to unload once compared to my 20s xtals i can do under no lag. It’s so bad that i don’t even want to run xtals. Under regular circumstances, i’ll hit this around 0.5% of the time i do any actions - and I’ll almost always hit this when i unload my main and alts

    Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to me in pm in game if you want more info or my ata linked email
  7. When is the last time you guys have done server maintenance?

    I haven't seen it done not once since I returned over 6 months ago and don't recall ever seeing it in my several years playing prior.

    How come?

    Usually issues like this can easily be fixed by the good ole turning off and back on again method.

    Is there a reason you haven't done this?

    Perhaps if you do, you are afraid it may have unintended consequences?
  8. Also I don't suspect it has anything to dow with PVP weekend, that may make it worse but yoy still get the spinning circle of death during the week or when PVP event is not running.
  9. I agree with hippy, this is a really big issue that’s needs to be resolved. Does anyone have any specific recollection of exactly when this started occurring with this kind of frequency? I don’t remember exactly when, but I feel like I almost never saw this issue before about 5 months ago.

    This certainly isn’t one of those things that’s just always been a problem, this is relatively new.
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  10. It was immediately noticeable by me when I returned to the game back in February. I found it frustrating to be restarting the app so frequently but I've gotten more used to it now. What would be interesting is to see if this problem is a recurring one on ATA's other games, or if it is strictly a kaw thing.
  11. I know this wasn’t happening back on Black Friday weekend 2020. I ran thousands of xtals and never had this glitch. It started sometime between then and now.
  12. Haven't experienced the lag/glitch in 2 days 🙏🏻
  13. Been nearly 4 days and no lag/glitch 👍🏻
  14. Honestly thought this was just a normal sever/ internet thing.

    Early 2020 onwards been sporadically happening to me, maybe once every 15 unloads or so it'll happen once, and ill either wait or quit the app and it either self resolves after I click 'okay' on the 'couldn't contact server' message or when I re-log in depending on my course of action