UPDATE INCOMING: Someone lurks in the shadows…

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  1. Do you know where to look tho?
  2. Theres a bug I found, sometimes after transmuting it won't let you select equipment again unless you scroll down and click on a diff equipment that. It has to be equipment that wasn't previously on the screen unless you scrolled down. Or you could exit mage and go back in to fix it.
  3. No.... Lol
  4. Go to the mage and swipe the text to the left over purchasing inferno if on a Droid tab,the text is over the transmute aqua button on droid phones and swipe it right
  5. Tier 6 eb you need SS-Searing Sickle SR-Abyssal Blade and Torrent Tailsman COR- Stalwart ahelm TgL- Vermeil Breastplate

    Tier 7 eb you need DesertSing-Ring of Illusion and Acc Stingpoint

    Tier8 Tsg-Sunflare braced

    Tier9- bloodless helm, talon ring, or stabilizer boots
    AFF-Tarragon gloves, mesmeric Ring,or dragon minion
    Asof- Dragonscale armor,jaws of death
  6. Best response  Gift Silver bars plz
  7. You will need
    Searing Sickle
    Abyssal Blade
    Torrent Tailsman
    Stalwart Helm
    Vermeil Breast Plate
    Ring of Illusion
    Sting Point
    Sun Flare Bracer
    Bloodless Helm
    Talon Ring
    Stabilizer Boots
    Tarragon Gloves
    Mesmeric Ring
    Dragon Minion
    Dragon Scale Armor
    Jaws of Death
    At least I hope that all the equipment needed to hit any tier eb that requires equip. Went through each eb guild and wrote them down. Hope this helps
  8. Great update. About time LOL. Showcase needs a display with the bonus tally from all charms.
  9. I would like to be able to see the total of my permanent bonuses from transmuted equip without doing math
  10. I agree but it's not that big of a deal imo. We already know that our devs are lazy and incompetent so this is pretty good I guess
  11. "pretty good"
  12. Pretty over this game ever since you killed PC, now can't be bothered even logging on consistently or compete lol fun times
  13. Sorry about that.
  14. Android always last in these updates.
  15. Will there be new mith equipment during this update ? Or maybe new mith spells?
  16. What about those equipment we need for aff ts ? If transmute do we need to collect again ?
  17. So the stats shown from our charms are directly added to our stats, and not 2% of it? Does this mean we get better stats from charms then equipment?
  18. yea one question when we do older ebs for br in need certain equipment to hit eb if its tranmuted that mean we want be able to hit those phases?
  19. Thanks so much devs! This is much needed and much appreciated
  20. Sad because I can no longer use my iPad for this game. Now all my hard work on that account is unreadable.

    Tragedies happen everyday people. Count your blessings before they're gone.