Upcoming War System Changes - Revised

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  1. I think Hansels have a huge advantage, actually. They can perform all actions and can be extremely deadly against an attack build.

    Assassinations, I believe, are the second most valuable action in system wars, in terms of how they calculate into the final plunder calculation of the war.

    So a Hansel could assassinate their target down to a low troop level, then attack away till their opponent is pinned. This could earn them more plunder than any other build type.
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  3. We will be using Auto Join. The reason being, we are matching clans up based on their strength. If a large number of players become inactive, it would be unfair for the other participants in the war.
  4. Hansels function from being pinned most of the war by hitting quests to pin there troops so they can not be hit and loose mass amounts of plunder. Since hansel have such low attack stats they get hammered as they are easy target.

    Since hansels can not pin on quest or hit there own side of war they have to hit the other side of the war and hope they get a easy target to hit or waste troops on attack builds which lowers the attack kingdoms troops which takes a hit away from a attack build which will win and make plunder.
  5. My clan will participate in the beta test and I like toasts idea
  6. Yes. It's near the bottome under "Inscentivize combat."
  7. Kaw, by far, this is the best I have ever seen you do at implementing player feedback. My hat is off to you! Kawmunity, not everyone will be happy with this change and the subsequent changes to the change (election year doublespeak ;-)). But, kaw is to be applauded for their efforts!
  8. Awesome! I love the update. Any idea when the beta actually is? And can I get the beta achievement from it? Idc if I do really, I'm just ready to war!

    Also could you do the small clan tourney I mentioned last time? It's exactly like the Summer Wars, only for smaller clans (not too small!).
    I'd also LOVE to be apart of the testing!
    Great job KaW!
  9. Thanks joe I didn't catch that initially. This new war outline may in fact increase variations in build considerations. That's exciting.
  10. @Brandon,

  11. As much as I like the direction of these changes, I still can't help but feel that they favor the strongest players when it comes to reward giving competitions like these seasonal wars.. With fighting from pin, as boring as 24 hr dtw was, at least the average player could choose when to expose themselves when fighting a clan stacked with players on the ally LB. With these proposed changes, what's to stop a clan of powerhouse bfa players from walking away from these tourneys with the title, and items, every season? I don't have an answer to my question, but I think it warrants being looked at.. I'm all for more exciting, engaging wars, and in cases where clan strength is matched, these system wars sound awesome. In a tourney where there can be only one winner however, I think facing an opponent you can't touch will sooner or later become as undesirable as 24 hr dtw..
    On the flip side, I will say that I am encouraged by the brainstorm of ideas surrounding a system war change, and even more encouraged by the obvious attention that is being given to player feedback. Thank you devs.
  12. This is why instead of an elimination tournament format, we have changed it into a weekly clan vs clan format. This way, every week, you will be matched up with a clan similar to your strength level. To get the highest level of Estoc's Edge, you just have to beat the clans that you are matched up with. We are not asking you to beat the top clan in the game to get these awards.

    As noted in the original post, the elimination style tournaments (ie Summer Wars) will still exist. I agree that those are tailored to the most powerful clans. However, addressing that is not what these changes are about.
  13. Details aside: Full support to the developers' asking, listening, and efforts to make the war system more fun and interesting.

    Just keep loving us, devs. ;)
  14. Kaw_admin, the numerous points brought up here show that changing the fundamental mechanics of kaw as we currently understand them is a bad idea.

    The 3 steps you have added (no quests, no outside hits, no hitting clannies) will eliminate the fearsome dtw wars because each player will pop open after 15 min max.

    I found when scrolling quickly through the opposing roster in a tight war that the most satisfying part was finding an open target. It was like finding a loonie on the ground (you're Canadian, right?).

    If you are considering changing back to the normal mechanics instead of making up new mechanics just for war, I had an additional suggestion based on my experience in weekend wars.

    Just prior to starting the war, say 15 minutes, you stop all players involved from doing any actions such as hits or quests. Right at the beginning of war all players are automatically regen to full troops and are activated for war. This would prevent going into war pinned.
  15. I like the improvements and revisions but still think the bonus period for the reward should be longer then 1 week. 1 month or even 2 weeks would be pretty reasonable.
  16. Thanks devs for listening. I personally love the tweaks. It will take some adjustment to learn some new strategies, but that's what makes the game fun. 
  17. Nice job devs :)

    Will the fact that you pinned someone be reflected in the rewards at the end?
  18. Doing a full regen before war is a definite possibility, the idea has been noted.

    The other point you brought up speaks to your love of the current mechanics, which is great. However, the reason we are making these changes is that we feel there is a better system out there. Hopefully you'll give it a chance. :)
  19. I also want to disagree to the timeout option for a mith spell unless it is prohibitively expensive. War is taking advantage of your opponent.

    In most cases if there is a genuine emergency the opposing side will oblige and not hit that player. This happened in a couple wars where a family member once on our side and once on their side had to go to hospital. We called cf on that player and those players involved were hit any more.

    If you want to take a timeout to go for dinner or whatever then all is fair IMO
  20. Congrats devs, you made an OSW junkie want to try a system war.