Upcoming Lowland War Equip/Ally Bonuses

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  1. If there are fellow kawers from back in the day. They'd know that 1-4% stat boost ain't that earth shattering of a difference when you take the ll stats into account. Back in the day, when there was a 4% bonus for LC resets, not many did the resets cuz 4% didn't appear too enticing to spen time rebuilding from scratch.
    It should make for interesting twist but I don't think it's all doom and gloom like many are forecasting here
  2. Re read the thread 
  3. The bonuses stack, the BFA is +1% for every +250k.
    Having 1 50mcs ally give a player +200%, now imagine ally lb players
  4. I would honestly like the idea if it had a pretty reachable cap
  5. After killing off the new inflow of users by screwing up clan roles (small clans will become impossible to manage), this is the new step to make sure people stop warring/playing.

    PLEASE keep some pure LL wars in the rotation and monitor the popularity of these new wars where wins are bought by the amount of seals dropped to buy bfa vs. The pure LL wars where skill is the most important factor ...

    Since this post is past page 5, I don't expect devs to read it though...
  6. Lol @ retarded devs. This outa kill LL wars in no time. In fact since the lb can all join one clan I predict an undefeated record for the best recruiter.
  7. Is this included normal stats too or just wars?
  8. I see bfe working out. That way people can change up their equipment and etc for different war rosters they are warring with. This keeps it on a somewhat level playing field since in 6 months a new player can potentially get all new and improved equipment to complete from events. Also, not making it something just anyone can join in on at their game birth.

    BFA... well.... theres a potential big problem with making it a fair level. More fair since it's percent compared to just adding bfa outright... but come on..... why did you introduce LL? I thought it was for even playing field like.... most
  9. Why screw up a good thing. All of us love the current war system. This will go back to to previous Failed ee rosters, and you know how well that went. I love the current System. Do not change it. If you do add anything add only bfe, cause it's something that's earned from hard work put into the game. Bfa is something that's bought and ruins the fairness aspect of warring. Overall No Suppprt.
  10. NO SUPPORT!!! we already have indi with bfa n bfe LL war is the only war left that levels the playing field 4 all players who wanna war with the added bfa n bfe will only benefits those who spends $$$ on this game 2 get all the best eq n buy allies
  11. 17 pages now. 10 pages since any sign of kawmunity. All the complaints/inquiries/concerns all answered by silence.

    LL wars are a great opportunity to war fairly given the huge difference in size and build in the game. Add in unlimited bfe/bfa and you gave the old advantage to LB back.

  12. Bfe only. Do not include bfa
  13. Support we need more crap matches and stacked rosters
  14. Go home drunk, you're kaw
  15. its so......STUPID! indi already includes bfa n bfa isnt that enuf?? y have 2 do that on LL???? Plz..............leave LL war the way it is to level the playin field 4 all who truly do wars n fair 4 all - with bfa n bfe only enefits ppl who spends $$ 2 get the best eq n have the gold 2 add bfa so unfair 2 those who couldnt spend the mula n will end up giving up on LL war as well
  16. This idea is contradictory to the entire purpose of the LL war system. It would be better to bring back some round wars to mix in with the LL wars, and keep indi's in the mix as well so bfe and bfa can still be in play
  17. LL wars the way it is now is the way to go, adding BFE/Bfa isn't needed. Moreover, It would actually create too many parameters for possible matchup exploits.
  18. another epic failed.devs only care for $$$$.just bring back full schedule of indi war....
  19. No support
    - what benefit is equip if everyone has them
    - also if ur not gonna cap bfa then there goes a level playing field
  20. Plus if ppl want to use bfa in wars - it's called indi wars