Unfair war strategy

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Saint_Panda, May 14, 2012.

  1. Man and I thought things were bad when people didn't know what the battle list was.....
    Now even people willing to fight are clueless. Kaw is truly in a decline.
  2. In all honesty, this doesn't make sense to someone starting out. You can't attack someone because they don't have enough troops. You have to wait until they have more troops before you can attack them. Pretty illogical, but part of the game mechanics.
  3. Lmao... He doesn't even know what self pin is..
  4. We all play by the same rules. I think it's fair. :p
  5. Clan bio says experienced. Know what they're doing

    They lied
  6. If you legally manipulate the games rules you'll win every war. It's unfair but true. You enter 3 players into a system war against 20 and they have more targets to hit and less to defend. Not saying its honorable, but it works.
  7.  That's super unfair...you should strip them.
  8. Op my heart bleeds for you

  9. @LichBorne, Lol your comment just had to be the best on this entire pointless thread.
  10. Lol it's called being smart
  11. Can't tell if trolling or actually being nice.....
  12. Actually being nice, just the idjit at the end made me lol
  13. And this is why forums needs a "worst of" section :lol:
  14. What happened here?
  15. Lol, I like your timing on the WC, but your right this does not say experience.
  16. Even experienced is spelled wrong :lol: FAIL!