unable up update banner

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by nuttyprofessor, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. unable to update banner with sufficient materials. can a dev have a look pls
  2. But... Aren't you a professor?
  3. Do experiments to find out why
  4. Restart app. Update app.
  5. Yes you are nutty but... It isn't KaW rocket science...
  6. Do you need government funding?
  7. tried refreshing. no effect. been a while now
  8. How much sleep did you get? Full refreshment requires 8 hours minimum sleep. I usually sleep for 9 hours before I do some professing
  9. Email support@athinkingape.com

    Tell em your name, what game is it and your issue. And please make it a better detailed email than this thread.
  10. Thought about using to many characters in your banner?
  11. I remember my first banner
  12. Does the enchant button allow you to click it, and nothing happens? Or does it act like it's missing material?
  13. Try to equip it 1st ..
    Tap > ur name on main screen >equipments > tap banner > equip the new avatar ..
  14. Have you tried hitting it with a hammer?
  15. I see that you have the first conqueror banner. You need the new one dude  then enchant that one lmao
  16. Purple dragon is right. YOU need to get the new banner if u Haven't got. Equip & enchant if u do...