umm. hey devs re:allies for new players

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  1. So after 2 years of not starting a new alt, I figured I would start this little guy. Problem is, there are literally no allies in my range as a new player.

    When I first started it was nothing like this. You could find an ally. Keep it for mp. And grow. Now, however, new players (forget it if u don't have someone who can volley you at least) have no chance of finding an ally, let alone keep it.

    So my question is, devs-have you given up on kaw? It makes absolutely no sense why you would make it impossible for a new player to grow. If anything, it should be far easier in the beginning so you 'hook' noobs on the game.

    After seeing what it's like as a true noob player, it's no wonder why kaw has not increased it's player base in any material way this past year.

    Devs are you even paying attention to this?

    I suggest you do something quickly or the game will forever lose its momentum on gaining new players.
  2. people complain about all the other things the devs do; but ignoring this problem (which has existed for quite a while now) is the clearest evidence that ata isn't going to be maintaining kaw for much longer. rip kaw.
  3. I confess I haven't witnessed this problem first hand until now. But if it has been like this for a while as you say, then I agree-RIP KAW
  4. It's really about the players vollying all the new players to a high amount. This is something they ate looking into and haven't given up on kaw.
  5. I just started a new account as well. The ally problem is huge. The amount of time for a new player with no main to get the ball rolling is almost impossible
  6. its really about people doing what they have always done? no. more gold from all these damn promo's and events and a complete disregard for new players means that there is more gold to volley transfer and fewer new players to volley transfer with.

    it isn't complicated. if the devs aren't willing to end these promos, they need to do 2 things. 1) create alternate gold sinks (NOT new lands and buildings, the time to build complete for a free2player is already high enough to make 'free2play' a step or two outside the bounds of the truth) 2) make this game easier for new players to get involved with.

    nice how you tried to shift the blame to the players though. -1 respect for that one.
  7. Agree blame lies with devs. But disagree about it being the promos. It's not the promos alone, it's just that there is nowhere to sink gold for BC players. DEVS need to release lands AND upgrades to Hl. Promos feed devs bank ACC which is needed-but they are missing the other side of the equation-nowhere for bc players to put gold to use...
  8. more lands and buildings would do nothing but make it hopeless for a new free to player to ever complete their build.

    new lands and buildings are NOT the answer. the rate at which i grow is pain stakingly slow. to the point where i frequently consider just giving up on it. and i DO pay more money than i care to admit on this game.

    can you imagine the frustration of a new player, when they do the math on how long it will take them to finish their build as it stands now? we are talking well over a year, maybe 2 years! (a couple years ago it would only take 3-6months to bc). is grinding for that length of time "fun"? no.

    there needs to be an alternate *nongrowth* use for gold. these things exist in other games. random things that you buy with ingame currency that are mainly status symbols or just fun to have.
  9. My 4 day alt has the ability to hire 1b allies. Not a big issue at this point. People crying over it aren't active enough to raise gold.

    Edit: ive not ran rotwb on my alt either. GH with one Sub Factory L2 in 4 days. Ive ran depraved, tfo, NML, and reckoning. Thats it.
  10. an "alt" is not a "new player". new players don't have the knowledge of the game, or the support of a main, to help them past that initial period.

  11. It is a new player, its a new account. Which counts as a new player to the devs. Not my fault that I keep my accounts active and can grow stats.
  12. a new player and a new account are not the same thing. a new player doesn't understand kaw. a new alt account does.
  13. just help drive the point home.

    A new players first couple thoughts are probably "what do i do now"? "Quest, battle list, ee"?

    Join a clan? How, where?

    how about forums? yeah right. they want to play.

    A new alt knows what step A,B, and C are. they will get a good volley. hell, the main will even make gold too.

    my first time playing i gave it 30 minutes and put my phone down. next time i opened kaw i found forums and spent and hour or two trying to figure out what was relevant to me.

    i definitely see a difference between new and alts.
  14. It's simple don't volley every new person or at
    Least don't volley them so high. this would restabalize the ally market.
  15. Who cares if he's an alt. It's still a problem that needs to be fixed, I'm currently growing an alt as well. It's tough, I recommend going guild ps or ps1.
  16. How about make bronze bars give back 95% when sold, therefore they bank in bronze bars not allies?
  17. You can't have it both ways. If there is too much gold out there then it should be very easy to upgrade. To be honest, I have a hard time understanding how anyone who was a 'mid' before s4 is not hfbc by now. It could be done easily spending less than $150 in 3 months. If u were active then U made a ton of gold.

    If you aren't spending that much then frankly devs And other paying customers shouldn't care. Spending sustains the game. Devs aren't in this for nothing. But they are darn close to burning their business down imo
  18. First prize for the silliest solution suggested to fix the issue.

    Simple fix may be to allow the new player to buy a 'npc' during the tutorial that cant be bought by other players. Something that allows mp up to 6 buildings or there abouts.

    That should give them enough time to get themselves organised.

    Just a thought.
  19. This is the second of two very reasonable ideas that dont rely on changing how the rest of kaw currently plays.
    good. simple. idea. support.

    I dont think thats what words is meaning, at all.

    Lands and buildings shouldnt be released as a means to counter inflation. Though inflation is currently caused by accounts with nothing to spend gold on.

    New lands would only start the cycle over again. And as history has shown, drives the classes further apart and drives the ally market high up.

    Items that only serve as a means of prestige that can be purchased is a reasonable idea, as Words has suggested.

    You and i both have the 2 year badge. Your kingdom has alot more stats. Alot more attacks and assassinations. More in allies but on the other hand..

    I have more battle loses. Alot more steals. I bet i got a **** ton more pots. ive probably have invested alot more into allies that have come and gone due to the nature of osw.

    so are you implying that kaw should cater to your safe play and gold stacking style? Your account of 2 years doesn't even have the maxed defender achievement.

    Again, are you implying that kawers who are in long drug out osws and pvp wars aren't spending money?

    This topic and discussion is about sustaining the game. We are trying to create ways to counter the gold accounts like yours are bringing in. The accounts that only stack gold and then drive the ally market prices up.

    There is a large group of players who do financially sustain this game that are not build complete but are regular spenders.
  20. the problem isn't with moderate spenders, it is with the top spenders. the ones hiring up all the allies and volley transferring obscene amounts of gold from their alts to their mains in order to rise up the ally lb.

    the problem here is the gap between what you get for free, and how much you can potentially get by paying. catering to people that will keep spending all that they can on this game has gutted the game for everyone else. e.g. no cheap allies for new players.

    btw you can't hfbc in 3 months by spending $150 a month. trust me. $150 a month spent during 3 months that includes the huge plunder boost promos won't even do it, even if you are highly active and biting your tongue to avoid conflicts. i know this for a fact.

    spending $150 a month and maximizing the build tokens and 300% bonuses would get you 5m worth of cs each month. you would need to do nearly NINE months of grinding, with spending at optimum times to reach hfbc, if you are starting from scratch. nine months. paying $150 a month (assuming each of those nine months has the equivalent of 300% hte).