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  1. *Note this is not a duplication of any existing guides out there. Thanks raven for the good work he put in his raven strategy p1 and p2. All new users please do read raven's guide. It is wonderful. This guide provides insight to other aspect of this wonderful game.

    The stats as others see you is taking your max value (atk def spy) and multiply by 0.02
    The game protects players. The defender lose less gold and troops than the attacker. And lesser so the bigger the attacker.
    This is a war game, you gain and you lose (raven)

    Enough of the basics. Let's us move on to a common question rulers like to ask. "should I explore land and build buildings or upgrade my existing buildings" and if so "should I build tier 2 buildings (1750000)"

    Let us address this in land development. I shall not cover the entire spectrum, but limit my land exploration cost to 1.5 million
    The land exploration cost are as follows 5000, 30000, 75000, 150000, 300000, 750000, 1500000.
    I will be using a technique of cost against strength gain ratio. The cost is the cost of upgrade or building. Strength gain is the total strength of a building. (All buildings of the same tier have the same total strength. Atk+def)
    So listed below str of tier 1 building
    lvl total str
    1. 30000
    2. 80000
    3. 200000

    Cost is compute based on building and land cost or upgrade cost. So the math is (land@5000 + building@20000 = 30000)
    new building str gain = 30000
    hence ratio = cost/str = 30000/30000 = 1
    the ratio for upgrade lvl 1 to lvl 2 is always 4 and for lvl 2 to lvl 3 is always 12.5
    Now for the chart for new tier 1 building
    Land cost - ratio
    @5000. 1
    @30000. 1.83
    @75000. 3.33
    @150000. 5.83
    @300000. 10.83
    @750000. 25.83
    @1500000. 50.83

    *Note the lower the ratio number the better.

    So from the chart we can see that when the next land cost $150000, it is better to upgrade to tier 2 instead of exploring and building.

    Similarly for go for lvl 3 upgrade when the next land cost $750000.

    Now what about tier 2 buildings? Yes at 1500000, that is where we can start to build tier 2 building because it is more cost effective than tier 1 building. Tier 2 ratio 36.1 @land 1500000.

    Here we examine the basics of land development that beginners can get started with. Hope this helps :)

    Next on part 2: Cost, stats and value analysis of allies. Land developments and allies investments
  2. As a after note I applogise for any spelling or other errors. It is quite hard to type on my iPhone. The first time I type I can't post it and got a log in screen, :p

    open to any comments and do write on my walls :D
  3. This helps out alot! Thanks. A little confusing but for the most part very helpful
  4. Looking forward to your analysis on allies. Tx for doing this!
  5. The next land plot is 2,500,000
  6. Will redo it to make it easier
  7. Next land cost: 1.5 mil 2.5 mil 3.5 mil 5 mil 10 mil 20 mil 60 mil
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  13. So maybe I'm dense, but what's not clear to me is whether this suggests one should destroy existing tier one buildings to create tier two buildings rather than exploring. There is a cost one has to eat on destroying the tier one to replace it with a tier two that isn't factored in here.

    Suggestions? At what point do others destroy existing buildings to upgrade to something better?

    Thanks! (great advice by the way... all these guides were a great help to me)