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  1. This serves to provide an insight to the mechanics of the game. There shall be add ons to this to make it better. Recommended for beginners :)

    The objective of the game is to have fun. We also engage in diplomacy, chitchat, fighting and growing.

    First thing to grow. Growing is easy simply make money and develop the land.
    2nd thing is to make money. Money can be made via questing, fighting and trading*.

    Let's talk about making money via quest.
    Click the quest and do it. Quest consumes troops, which come from army buildings like barracks, workshop etc.

    Quest mechanics. The more troops used, the higher chances of success, and the larger the casualties. Let us see how this works.

    1st quest: evacuate
    consumes ~ 19 troops. More if troops number is low.
    Total troops capacity = 500 (I buildings)

    Now what if we have 2 buildings?
    Consumes ~ 38 troops. More troops if number is low.
    Total troops capacity = 1000 (2 buildings)

    Why is this so? It means each building send out troops and 19 troops from each building die. So in practice the number of quest we do with 2 building is the same as if we do with 1 building.

    Weird isn't it?

    But! Having 2 building instead of 1 increases the chances of success. The rewards are the same, the troops that die is also fixed.

    An insight by TZ.

    To get the most just starting out
    step 1: waste all the troops from the initial building on quest.
    Step 2: explore land and build another troops building.
    Step 3: waste all the troops from
    the second building on quest.
    Step 4: by now the money earn can get you another plot of land and (maybe / maybe not) another building.

    Conclusion: within 5 mins we can achieve buying 2 plots of land and building.

    Why it works?
    As units from the first building is all wasted, and we build a second building, the total capacity may be 1000 but 1st building has 0 troops and so will not send troops. Only 19 troops from the 2nd building will die. So we can do double the amount of quest.

    It all works by proportion. A level 2 barracks capacity (1000)will die 38 troops

    So last example. I have a level 2 barracks and a level 1 barracks. The level 2 barracks send out 1000 troops and die 38 while the level 1 barracks send out 500 troops and die 19. Total troops death = 57.

    More troops means more chances of success as well as more difficult quest.

    Final note. Even on easy quest, there is always a chance of failure.

    Here I have described quest mechanics.

    Hope it helps. The next part shall be a continuation of this tread and cover other aspects of the game.
  2. That Helped Me Understand More, Thank You
  3. *Note : All quest have a chance to drop nobility points. I did 1000 quests and earn around 50 points. So the chance is about 5% of dropping nobility points.

    FAQ what is nobility points?

    It can be used for purchasing speaker points. Check out the oracle, nobility points gives a full army recharge or some cash. Note this cash increase in value as you grow bigger.
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  7. Extra info on nobility points.

    (Benny) had an interesting discovery. He found out that the amount of money u get at the oracle for 15 nobility points = the price of your next land minus a 0.

    Example: your next land cost you 1.5 mil, the oracle will give you 150000.

    Your next land cost 750000, the oracle will give you 75000.

    Yup that's about nobility points and the money from oracle.

    Army recharge. Nobility points gives full army recharge. That means full military units and spies as well. Hope it clarify matters.

    Enjoy and post to my wall for any help / queries / questions i do my best.
  8. Nice work Benny and TZ
  9. Extra notes on quests.

    Note that you can make more money in battles than in quests

  10. Revision: as of known in 3/10/09, the exchange of nobility points to money has been reduced from 15 to 10.

  11. I think you mean 10/3/09 this game wasn't out in march lol
  12. No dates are written differently in other areas
  13. Revision as of October 17, nobility points for cash trade is back to 15

  14. This is a short posting about battles.

    It involves attacking. A full section will be built in the future with strategies.

    A victorious battle on average opponent results in a troop lost that's more than the opponent. Recent estimate is the enemy lost 70% troops.

    A defeat battle results in the enemy only losses 40% troops.

    So if someone fight you and lost, it is time for a counter attack.
    Note this comparison works for both side having same tier troops
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  16. Nobility is 10% again
  17. For a same size opponent, steal earnings is almost the same as plunder.

    The only difference is the ally plunder bonus, which makes attacking more attractive!
    But well you can do more frequency of steals though.
    In order to keep the game fun, the frequency shall not be released 