Tutorial: How this event work? #ePbecomeebsfairy

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  1. Hi guys...since devs Rebalanced Charms...eP will become eb fairy *facepalm

    So...this is my first tutorial
    So many people asked how this event work?
    I'll try to help step by step

    Here we goooo

    1. You have join into the red or blue team (devs will choosed for you)

    Go to legends - Give the order when you are ready to land on the island - Proceed

    When you tap Proceed...you'll added into red or blue team (the red or blue shield will show out at your showcase)

    2. Now you knew your team (red team or blue team)

    So what should you do now?
    Just hit ebs as usually for drops.
    You need Memories of Loyalty and Memories of Valor from ebs
    If you have both, they WONT AUTO become donated Astral's Favor


    3. How to convert your astral’favor into Donated Astral's Favor?
    Ezpz...its same with eschaton event, but this time devs give us 2 team (red vs blue)
    To convert, you have to hit red team avatar or blue team avatar (depens on your team color)

    Red team Avatar: TeamGlaive (girl pic banner)
    Blue team Avatar: TeamBoardsword (guy pic banner)
    Just hit them till defeted...when you hit the avatar, they wont reduce your troops or spies

    4. How to find the avatar?
    Ezpz again (tyvm for Mei....she made it at forum)
    Just go to you legends - Glaives vs Broadswords Leaderboard
    You'll find them at there

    *Because i have a short memories and some accs....to make me easy hit the avatar, i've blocked them.
    So, when i wan hit them, just go to the setting - blocked users - taaadaaa....got them :x

    Ok...i hope this tutorial will help you guys
    Peeeaaaccceeee :x
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    For a post thats so grammatically incorrect you try and throw in proper punctuations everywhere. Its so weird
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    Shut up unless you have anything that would help kaw community
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    Surprisingly easy to read for some reason lol. Nice rundown, I hope people will get use out of it.
  5. Thanks EP .. love ya..
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    Tyvm for ur comment
    Maybe you can help me to make the tutorial better and not weirdo...so more people will understand ;)
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    i dont think english is their first language ngl
  8. I usually just follow the user so I can find them easily in the following tab. No need to go to settings and blocked users :) thought I’d share! Thanks for this tutorial purple, seen much confusion about the event.
  9. Tyvm for all respon
    This is my first and last tutorial
    I just wanna help people understand this event
    In fact....i’ve made many people confused :( :d
    Ok....happy kawing all
  10. This was a well organized quick-guide for those still confused about the event. You gave clear, detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Ignore the haters; you did a good job.
  11. How do we even start to join the teams?
  12. You spend money ...devs laugh in your face ....rinse and repeat
  13. Hit the "proceed" option in legends. Check your showcase to find either a blue or red shield. Go to "glaives and broadswords" legend. Go to leaderboard. Click on Gywn/Glaive if you have red shield, and Brannyn/Broadsword if you have blue. Hit them (does not use up troops/spies) to "donate" items and get legend progress.
  14. Thanks for the tutorial. Could not figure it out without this helpful guide. Cheers buddy.