True Spartans - Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by The_Merovingian, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Nice thread
  2. Support 
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  4. If you love sausage fests, crazy talk and smacking ppl around then this is the place for you  proud to call them my family 
  5. How long have I been here? 
  6. One question:do you see correct to hit a whole clan because one of your targets is in?this is a war game...ok...but some players like to do ebs only...why do they have to be attacked?if any of you is so kind to explain this...if i want to hit others players i go to war...i dont hit by pleasure...

    Any problem ask to old_school and kingleonidas_TS

    enjoy and have fun
  7. Because its a war game, remember? Kingdoms at WAR  if u just want eb and growing, go to PIMD 
  8. aimd 5/5/11 stl np

    Too easy 
  9. The picture is funny
  10. My humblest apologies to the clan US. I mistook your harbouring of the coward __persepolis__ as an act of war. I am truly sorry that I hit your members, while I was trash talking in your own cc. I now realize that only I think that was funny as hell.

     
     ℙ₤ǿǤ 
  11. Thanks Boe...sorry for disturbing your thread...but this morning i was very angry for that.have fun and enjoy