Transmute items

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  1. How to tranmute items in ios?
  2. Swipe from right to left on the Mage menu. Try a few different spots, on Droid it has to be on the text about aqua/inferno, but I believe iOS is a bit less specific.

    Then, select an equipment piece and hold the transmute button. Transmuting equipment is permanent and cannot be reversed, and you cannot enchant stuff after transmuting it.
  3. There has got to be a faster way to transmit equipment, this approach is too laborious and slow.
    I recall when this was first introduced, devs said this was only an interim approach.
    Could we do this faster, without the slow 10 second transmute time?
  4. If you are on Droid, and not on a cloned app, this guide results in near-instant transmutation:
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  5. This has probably been covered before in these threads but i can't find it...
    But where is the mage? I'm guessing it's in the alchemist section somewhere but i can't find it
  6. the Mage is not accessible until you have upgraded your castle all the way. Then it is accessed through the marketplace, next to the alchemist.
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