Transmutation glitch strategy guide

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  1. [title=black+white]If you got couple thousand mithril, purchase cheap mithril equipment, do not enchant it and waste your aqua, just transmute that equipment, and repeat buying the same cheap mithril equipment until you have no mithril

    Wait for next pvp or war event earn another couple hundred mithril and repeat the whole process

    The more mithril you can get the higher your permanent equipment stats will be, and over time the sky is the limit, the only limit to how high your stats go is how much how fast you can earn mithril[/title]
  2. Not sure if that qualifies as a glitch
  3. But a useful bit of advice ty
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  5. LOL come on Bruce

  6. Not a glitch if people have to work for it.
  7. You don't have to hunt for equipment, just buy it, and you have unlimited stats

    That's the glitch, you just buy equipment to stack up
  8. Having trouble reading your post x_x.

  9. Bruce! Lol, give me buttons, this is a one way street
  10. first of all most new equip is twice as good as mith equip
  11. Isn't doing a guide on transmutation before it comes out without testing kinda like writing Karma Sutra as a Virgin?
  12. It's already out tho
  13. Right right.. my apologies..

    It's more like writing 50 Shade of Gray as a Virgin
  14. I approve of 50 shades......but I struggle to unchain my beloved from her heavy bondage.... of the kitchen