Trading have ally for sale post here

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by *l-Backinblack-l (01), Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Allies here,300bill-1.2 Trill active and pro come get some
  2. Allies still here and open , Watch Woc other then that free to go to a new home
  3. -pvp- 7mil hybrid check him out
  4. Cevyn
    Almost 5m cs.
  5. G0D_Dan3
    2.6m cs
  6. V-ArkantosAran-V
    2.7m cs
  7. 230b, 6,8mcs. get on my level bruh
  8. Ally shop always open active
  9. Bobjoe1 & bobjoe2
  10. Qpal7mn for sale here 250bil decently active
  11. Solecam 3.6mill attack 332b gold

    solecam is in clan name: Disciples of War
  12. Bunch of allies. Take them all.
  13. Please hire hareshybooboo
  14. Slave trading is illegal pls stop
  15. Me! 2trillion, 1M cs Guild hansel! Best buy out there 
  16. Anyone wanna hire me? 640B GH
  17. All allies under 30 bill for sale
  18. Active hansel, 8.5mil cs
  19. Great useless 43b ally for sale if you never want to get stripped of max plunder