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  1. Full support its so annoying doing all the math its easy but time consuming
  2. I fully support this because weird number charms are difficult to add up. Even with a calculator, you’d have to put in a variety of random numbers to get the total cs. A trade calculator that does it automatically would be beneficial to the trading community.
  3. Support 100% we need that not to get scammed or scamm others
  4. Support 100%
  5. That or let's just make the charms more even numbers. It's be so much easier if charms were i.e.


    instead of

  6. Support! Call it the KaWculator!

    Been months since I could see stats of anything being offered in a trade. DEVS! GET THIS CRAP SORTED ALREADY! I’ve sent enough tickets and each response has been “We are working on the issue.” I CALL BULL! I don’t even want compensation. I just want to be able to see stats again....

  7. Is it really that hard to find a basic calculator around the house? I think spending more time on the game’s features is better than a built in calculator.
  8. Can’t use a calculator without being able to even see the stats...
  9. Who has calculators just lying around? They are on most devices, so who needs to buy one? And doing it through your phone takes forever. Especially when KaW decides to reset itself and then it takes 5+ minutes to load. They need to fix that, too.
  10. Maybe the difficulty is part of the feature?
  11. iagree pumpkin 
  12. Support. What is math
  13. I can no longer see any stats in trade windows in pms now .... this does need to be fixed soon
  14. What say you developer! -summons a dev-
  15. Fully support.

    Actually suggested this same thing to the devs about a month or so ago, where they said they’d look into it. Buuuutttt.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯