Tournament Wars: Summer War Finals Rewards

Discussion in 'Wars' started by admin, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Congratulations to Zaft Destiny and Last Rights on advancing to the final round! The 1st place reward will be the championship rings which has yet to be unveiled.

    So far Zaft Destiny and Last Rights are both very determined and playing tight. Last Rights has taken the lead but it's still too early to tell who will be the clear winner.

    Mercenary Inc and HGL are fighting for 3rd place which looks to be an all out slug fest =p

    Good luck to everyone participating this weekend!
  2. Rah rah! Fight fight!
  3. Kaw_admin, can I have a hug?
  4. All those guys are like, YES! finally something to replace my horrible ring!

    I thought the reward would be a breast plate or helmet.
  5. Amazing fighters in all 4 clans! Each one of them got my respect.
  6. Congrats to those clans :)
  7. ...and the massive turtle war that's taking place is why the war system is being re-vamped 
  8. So did anyone else notice the "s" at the end of "rings"?
  9. Yes Cor, I did. Also, too* just to be a grammar unicorn. The war system does need a revamp though...
  10. I wonder what equip/prize will be...
  11. Hmm... and the winning clan gets the Clan Trophy which gives a large bonus aswell.
  12. at least one, possibly 2(judging from text "The 1st place reward will be the championship rings... ") ring(s)..
  13. Rings has is wrong. It should be either rings have(plural) or ring has(singular). I personally think there is only one ring
  14. Kudos to merc inc and HGL for actually warring
  15. I was more referring to the bonuses that they'll give the holder.

    And ZAFT definetly aren't doing well as of now...
  16. Yeah they aren't the self pin type. Turtle wars disgust me.
  17. Where do you see "rings has"?
    Currently/originally, it's rings (plural)
  18. The bonuses will outmatch the ring of silence but be on par for its slot as usual..
    ZAFT could still come back easily. Lot of war to go..
  19. By "rings" with a "s", I think kaw_admin is saying he will reward a ring to each participant, since you have more than one participant they'll be more than one ring to go around, thus "rings". I could be wrong but that's my interpretation of the post.
  20. See, the issue with that is..
    Notice how ring fits perfectly fine. So..maybe the post was intended the way you typed it, but at the moment it's saying the reward is 2 or more rings per player.