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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by E-Dude-Q, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I hereby formally request that all political talk in a public channel should be worthy of a silence. People are not allowed to curse, ask for personal info, and many other things without being silenced for their actions. Political banter and spam, especially in WC, disrupt the flow of the game. When the flow is disrupted, it can make it difficult for a player to look for clans to join and trade offers to participate in. I ask not for political talk to be worthy of a silence because it is annoying to hear babies cry in WC about issues they aren’t properly educated on. I only ask that it should be silenced for disrupting the flow of the game. Thank you for your consideration.

    The Dude - Bringer of true Salvation

    ( I actually just want cursing to be allowed in public channels, but if I make a post like that then a mod will just lock it out. Mods won’t read this far into a post so it’s ok to type down here. )
  2. TRUMP 2020  Make WC great again
  3. Don't do this or you will kill wc.

    At least Boris has Donald t'sbacking. We can all feel safe knowing these pair of clowns have their fingers on the button for nukes
  4. If you can’t tolerate the (usually) polite discussion of differing options, it really makes you out to be the “uneducated” and “immature” one here in my opinion.

    I also think that silences are the single largest factor that causes a player to quit the game and we can’t really afford to lose players.
  5. No support

    WC is WC for a reason.
    I don't wanna keep staring at weak ads.
    Let the banter be organic.
    Political/weather/current events whatever it is, all discussions run their course and new topics take their place.
    Just fun to be a part of non robotic action hunters.
  6. I guess my whole point is that if people can spit political poo, then we should be allowed to curse too. We know cursing in a public channel will never be accepted, so they should also silence those who are politically infected.
  7. No support. I like my advertisement fill WC spicy now and then.
  8. maybe ur just an idiot
  9. You must be one of the liberals who like to suppress ideas and opinions. Get outta here
  10. Far from liberal, just tired of reading all the idiots talk about politics in WC. I play KaW to escape the real world for a bit as I’m sure others do that too. Don’t need the useless political information shoved in my face on here as well.
  11. If asking for no political nonsense on a video game is idiotic then yes, I’m the biggest idiot of them all.
  12. Let's bring all the different wc together for a friendly chat about politics and sort out the American, Chinese, Russian, Iranian issues once and for all
  13. glad to hear you say it
  14. Idea: let’s remove the first amendment rights (Americans know) in wc so all soeach is restricted. We cannot even say anything. Let’s just remove wc actually.
  15. Speedy for pm or even a mod