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  1. one time i went out to the clug and i went and danced and found my girl and I was happy and so fun
  2. one time i went out and got lost bc u told me wrong directions bro gps is dumb
  3. turn left bro that’s the best way but it was a driveway to my english professor bc im in college right it was fun
  4. oh hey guys one time i made a friend and she was nice and we went to a cheap hotel 4111 price chesp
  5. change ur name back to snoopy lol!
  6. One time you went to band camp
  7. One day i went to asda
  8. Had a good party last night then?
  9. Oh boy what did I do
  10. Posting crazy stuff after a good party?

    The term is 'Off your Face(book)'
  11. I slapped yo momma oh yeah yeah yeah yeah