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  1. What are your top 20 favorite video games you enjoy. Keep them on topic and it xan be from any thing except app games so heres mine

    10. Call of duty: mw3
    9. Call of duty: infinite warfare
    8. Until Dawn
    7. Grand Theft Auto V
    6. Fortnite
    5. Minecraft ps4 edition
    4. Call of duty: ww2
    3. Burn out revenge
    2. Call of duty: Black ops 3
    1. Call of duty: Black Ops 4

    Yes im a cod fanboy :D
  2. #1-20: MW2 and im not a cod fanboy
  3. You cant say ur a cod fanboy if CoD4 isnt your #1 game of all time. That will never be beaten in my eyes. Truly the golden age of gaming
  4. The sequel was better
  5. Top 5:

    5. Cod bo4
    4.borderlands 2
    3. Dark souls
    2. Cod Mw2
    1. Dark souls 3
  6. Top ten:

    10 - Star Wars Battlefront (for PS2)
    9 - MW 3
    8 - MW 2
    7 - Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
    6 - Supreme Commander
    5 - CoD BO4
    4 - Minecraft
    3 - Halo 3
    2 - CoD BO3
    1 - Skyrim
  7. 10. Mario Kart
    9. Galahad
    8. Street Fighter
    7. Adventure
    6. Mario Bros.
    5. Space Invaders
    4. Cyberball
    3. Gauntlet
    2. Mortal Kombat
    1. Ms. PacMan

    Missed the list but still great:
    Oregon Trail
    Mike Tyson’s Knock Out
    Donkey Kong
    Sim City
    Tecmo Super Bowl
    Final Fantasy
    Star Craft
  8. For me it has to be

    1)Halo 3
    2)Jak and Daxter
    3)Steambot Chronicles
    4)Shadow of the Colossus
    6)Ratchet and Clank
    9)Persona 5
    10)Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen (Owned Both)

    The only games that are in a strict order on my list is 1-3
  9. 10 Diablo 2
    9 Civilization
    8 Baldurs Gate 2
    7 Pokèmon Lets Go Eevee
    6 Marvel Contest of Champions
    5 Skyrim
    4 Dragon Age Inquisition
    3 Conan Exiles
    2 Fallout 76
    1 Fallout 4
  10. 10) Super Smash Bros (N64)
    9) Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    8) Final Fantasy XV
    7) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    6) Pokémon Crystal
    5) Diablo II
    4) Mass Effect (Full Series)
    3) Starcraft (Full Series)
    2) Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (1 FTW, screw 2&3)
    1) Skyrim
  11. In no particular order, they were all #1 at some point...

    Thing on a Spring (C64)
    Neverwinter Nights (PC)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
    Assassins Creed
    Elder Scrolls
    Dungeon Keeper II (PC)
    Civ IV
    Age of Empires
    Gauntlet (Arcade)
  12. You put black ops 3 and 4 but not consider 2? Lol
  13. No particular order still all my faves as #1

    Bioshock (all)
    Fallout ( all except new vegas)
    ME (all but love Andromeda above the rest)
    Sonic Pinball
    Super Mario
    Twisted Metal
    Fable (All)
  14. #10 Zelda (oracle of seasons)
    #9 Pokémon sapphire
    #8 Pokémon platinum
    #7 guitar hero 2
    #6 Osu mania
    #5 GaW
    #4 Black ops 2
    #3 Guitar hero 3
    #2 League of Legends
    #1 Etterna
  15. I can't choose each individual game, but i do love:

    The Legend of Zelda series
    Metroid series
    Pokemon (1st to 4th gen games)
    World of Warcraft
    Overwatch (until the SJW devs banned me)
    Until Dawn
    Monster Hunter Series (Especially Freedom Unite)
    Kingdom Hearts series
    The 3rd Birthday
    Gods Eater series
    Metal Gear series
    Bioshock series
    Borderlands series
    Jak and Daxter series
    Rachet and Clank series
    Final Fantasy series (Especially Dissidia)
    Tekken series
    Street Fighter series
    Dragon Age series

    Will update list tonight as I'm about to fall asleep.
  16. Ultima Online
    Black Ops 4
    Asherons Call
    Age of Empires
    Half Life
    Counter Strike
    Resident Evil
    Duke Nukem

    PC gaming used to be amazing btw
  17. Farmville
  18. Top5
    1: total war Shogun 2
    2: AC Odyssey
    3:cod 3
    4: cod mw2
    5: Wolfenstein the new order
  19. You guys some trash gamers