Toast's Guide to Quests

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  1. Yeah, quests haven't changed since KaW was developed. I have a feeling they'd take away my sticky if they updated them.
  2. Thank you :) should have thought about that lol
  3. Guide us toasty one
  4. bump for visibility
  5. How many pages did you have to dog through to see this o_O
  6. It's in the guides section :lol: so not many
  7. Probably on page two, I'd guess. Someone bumped in July.
  8. When you have completed all the quests, can we still get crystals from quests that are already completed❓
  9. Yes, at a ~0.026% drop rate
  10. Over the past 6.5y, I've noticed that the rates tend to change. I'm actually working on updating them, but it'll be a while still.
  11. Outdoortoast, master of quests. Although there was this dude in foxes a while back who got all his income through quests. Had something like 100k quests done. I wonder how many nobs/xtals he had? Wish I remembered his name so I could checkup.
  12. More than enough to buy the chaos pack, that's for sure. I've always considered questing for it since they changed packs to be nobs instead of $, who knows, maybe I will someday.

    And I remember who you're talking about, can't remember who it was. I might have a screenshot, that seems like the kind of thing I'd save.
  13. Join the revolution
  14. Do I get a quest badge beyond the yay you did them all badge?

    What levels should you set the achievements at?
  15. I wanna know who has the most quest hits
  16. Chlby has over 50k anyone know anyone with more
  17. Thanks for the guide
  18. Good job soldier! tkz for your hard work. I love eye-candy! icons placed are now iconic!!! may this guide last 4EVR!
  19. Asshat has almost 100k
  20. @slugger you didn't even copy the current version, yours has a bunch of typos :lol: