Toast's Guide to Quests

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  1. Thanks toast for the guide really helps

    I usually hit the quests for nob before the war cause I don't want to have to go bank all the money you get for the eb so I hit the quest. And this way you will be able to get nob for the regents on troops.
  2. Do u get any nobilty points when u complete all quests?
  3. I get three to five crystal after every 5- 9 quests I complete
  4. Nobility points drop at random. They don't drop after specific quests.
  5. Mith helps, correct?
  6. Obviously with the power towards doing quests... I.E hansel pops mith, higher completion rates.
  7. Awesome forum thnx
  8. Thanks for the guide up to my 64th
  9. Yup, mith does help.
  10. Wow! No wonder 69 is taking me so long, lol. Wait, why us the last one #69?? So r they going to make more?
  11. @igcb it's fun if you reset with all the mith spells active and then xtal like crazy to spam quests... Defeats the purpose, but sure it fun.

    @nora it's been at 69 for quite a long time, I wouldn't expect them to release more.
  12. @Toast

    I rather not reset at this point :p
  13. Excuse me, I have a question (I don't know at all where I am in these quests).
    I chose to be a hansel, and the question is : it seems to be very difficult for me to finish the quests with 0,7m.. Because I only have 134k hit.
    So how will I be able to finish those quests ?

    And... Where do we gain the nobility (I've heard about players who told me that they reached 20 nobility without paying anything.)

    Thank you in advance.
  14. Skim hit to do the top quests or use mith.

    Nob drops occassionally just by doing quests.
  15. Mango did not understand what u said,

    Ok for equipment, thanks !
  16. @doudou
    Tbh, I've finished quests with lower attack than you :p but it's a valid concern. It also took a while (the last quest took close to 2 weeks). You could always use your next few lands to throw up more attack buildings, but mith spells work too, as do equipment.
    Nobility is a random drop that you can get on any quest at any time you succeed it. The rates are in the OP.