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  1. This is a CoDeY here appologizing to shadow creatn and the one
    i disrespected u guys alot nd didnt mean to do so. But you guys were in osw with a wdgaf clan so i joined wdgaf. But i am backing out. Bcus of real life problems. May go inactoive for a while may not but anyway im sorry hope we can still be friends cya
  2. And i was in wdgaf so i helped my family clan* anyway tlk to u later
  3. And yea i made some typos this phone is trash but i appologized. Not bcus yall asked.
  4. Op your apologising to shadowbeas11??why??? He's one of the most tremendous flogs you'll come across here..... Wall him
    N ask how how he n his loser mates got stripped to zilch. Don't apologise- steal him blind 
  5. Matter o fact - ask huma dragonsbaine how he enjoyed helping shadowbeas11
  6. No shadow was a friend. Only reason i joined the osw was bcus he was hitting wdgaf. If it was a differnet clan i prolly wouldnt have joined plz stop trash talking. Or any of tht. It was for them not u…
  7. Arse can say a lot hiding behind a barely GH alt
  8. Lol im not gonna cf on them it was all just a joke. Wanted to see how far they would take it sheesh. Wdgaf
  9. say sry to shadow?
  10. Just a joke?? that's sad codey! Seems your weaker than we thought!
  11. Lmao. Whatchu mean one? I jus wanted to c how far u guys would take it.
  12. That's a pathetic excuse made up when you know it wasnt going as planned
  13. /lock
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.