to judith03

Discussion in 'Wars' started by NorthernKing, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. You are my love,
    you are my lady,
    tho farmfest strip you,
    you will forever be my lovely.

    you are my love,
    you are my lady,
    tho you lost 1Q,
    you are rich in beauty.

    you are my love,
    you are my lady,
    tho the whole world turn against you,
    I will forever be with you.

    Judith my love,
    come away with me,
    where the white gulls calls,
    and the mountains sing.

    come away,
    come away,
    my love,
    my lady.

  2. Post with your main
  3. Such eloquence! :lol:
  4. No one cares
  5. Why not post with your main acct out of your 12 accts you have?
  6. Judith is a guy. You should be posting this on Grindr noob
  7. This is so beautiful & sweet .it'll bring a smile to her face after a bad start to last week. Nice 1 NothernKing !
  8. Isn't this the guy who made a thread about how they were being farmed by their alt?

  9. Correction, farmed by his main
  10. Damn I hate it when I get farmed by my main :(
  11. Idk about yall my alt farms me
  12. Judith you are one of the payers who do this gane better.
    The stripp farmers are cobards whitthout eggs for do it with your mains
  13. Is Judith your right hand's name?
  14. More importantly where the hell did you find eggless cobard!!?? I've been looking for months