Time for Round to become extinct?

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  1. The Tiger supports this resolution to end round wars.

    Devs listen to us and end this archaic war system.
  2. No support.

    Last EE season MANY complained of the strictly indi and primal setup, until devs decided to include classic round wars in mix. Now a few complain otherwise?

    As for me, I am completely against the idea of removing an individual's choice or preference. Options are good and so is variety. One day "such and such" is popular next is the other. The last EB event had the option for pvp as well. There many types of play styles as there should be sub categories for war participants. Fact of the matter is primals are the trend for now.

    Overall, war participation is hurting game wide. It's not simply a war type. There needs to be more incentive for players to war in its entirety. Right now there's not much to pull players to desire such. This aspect next to be highlighted to pull fresh blood to war.
  4. Only the elite lb complained about removal of round wars... Look now they only war to renew ee
  5. Not universal claim. Many top 10 lb do Indis.
  6. This is not the solution.

    It was mentioned alot of times. The only way is for dev to make EE wars more attractive and exciting for more players to participate.

    DEV must balance events and EE wars. Don't simply focus your effort on numerous events.
  7. Many of us (myself included) did petition for Round wars--but in light of the horrible participation in round wars I believe the community would be better served by using those slots as primal wars. I don't really see it as "removing an individual's choice or preference" as opposed to opening up those war slots to the more popular war type. Round wars simply do not have the participation other war types have. However, you mileage may vary.

    What incentives would you like to see the Devs include to increase participation in EE by the community at large?


  8. Simple, expand the fun factor and make players yearn to war. You have to look at the psychology behind it. Wars should bring some uniqueness. Equipment is usually what it comes down to. It takes 1-2 months for an EE season - the effort alone is tremendous and few have the tenacity to push.

    Plus the thrill factor of the gear has been lessened, due to EB/PvP event rewards. This is the sole factor why I don't play competitively in EE wars no longer.

    Also, it has been shown that every seasons rewards are +15% better then the previous seasons set. Not much incentive there.

    Season 5 is next, have to add a fresh element or else it will be a rehash of previous seasons. Slightly better gear with jaw dropping aesthetics will only do so much. Need to add excitement.

    Add new Mithril spells to gamble more mith per war. Add new Estoc edge levels. Possibly consider giving players a break and war with xtals free of charge etc. Needs to make it fun and appealing is all.
  9. Chaos war times are limited as is and round wars only take away even more chances to war.
  10. How about replace round wars with a war that takes into account your bfe but not bfa?

  11. That could be an interesting idea. It would give some differentiation from something other than build type, but not something as massive as LB style BFA. It would also allow those clans who wish to aim for a particular bracket to have people to remove/add certain types of equipment, giving flexibility (within a limited degree) of building the type of roster you want.

    But again, to Chaos' point, would that simply be window dressing? Or are more radical ideas needed to inject some excitement into EE wars.


  12. Id love to see real Chaos Wars.

    Instead of round wars, Devs should replace it with a real variety of chaotic war types. For now ill refer it it as Variety Wars

    Variety wars would include one or many different variables that would make each war unique. Some possible ideas are:

    -Fast KO (2-5 min random KO timers, high action fast paced)

    -Double/Triple Regen (they were pretty fun on 2x regen weekend)

    -Multiplier Mode (each successive KO by a Clan would increase KO plunder by a % until the other team gets a KO)

    -No Xtal (everyone able to participate)

    -2 Xtal (not a fan of this personally but could be fun)

    -BFE only (No BFA)

    -Primal Individual War (Primal rules with Indy rosters)

    -Revival Mode (When KOed, you will be returned to 50-75% troops/spy levels after KO timer to get back into the fight fast)

    -Marked Man Mode (When a player gets a KO they are now flagged as a bounty target, and will pay out more gold if KOed by the opponent clan)

    -Plunder type (Classic Plunder or Primal Plunder)

    -and endless more possibilities.

    Variety Wars could have alot of potential to be a fun new type of war. They also could be useful for the devs to try out new things, or "beta test" for future war changes and balances.

    Devs would be able to do their own analysis and see which modes were popular and which werent, and adjust future Variety Wars from there. They could also use this mode to test out basically anything they wanted on live servers with real people. I havent heard of them Beta testing besides that one time they took applications for a beta server with no follow up on that since.

    These Variety Wars could vary on roster types as well. They could alternate from Indy rosters, and then the next war could be Clan rosters.

    There even could be a Players Choice War once a week where players vote on which variables they want on or off, and then match them all up in 100 man rosters and let the real chaos begin.

    How much fun would a double regen Revival Mode with no BFE/BFA be in a indy war, or with your best war friends in your clan?

    Sounds alot more fun than 3-4 clans signing up for Round wars with LB/SH wars to renew EE.

    These new Variety Wars would replace Round wars time slots, and encourage growth in the game as hopefully this would encourage SH and drop builds to grow and compete.

    These wars would be open to everybody, not just elite and exclusive war clans with stacked rosters.

  13. I 100% agree with Chaos, the amount of people warring is at an all time low. Heck I even quit after reaching 50 rancor in s1&s2. S3 armor was only a 10-15% boost, which was not really worth the effort.

    I hope s5 wars will be more rewarding/challenging. Otherwise season wars are going to be all the same people every season, until they get bored and retire. In which case EE will be dead aswell.

    I do like indi's, but as chaos states we need more incentive. More mith spells, random pot/bb rewards after war, more ee levels. Sounds like a great idea.
  14. @ Inglorious_Saberwulf,

    Those were some articulate, well-thought out ideas for Variety wars. Such changes could bring some very interesting dynamics to EE wars--as well as providing a built-in platform for large scale testing of new war types the devs want to experiment with. Thank you for the thoughtful post.


  15. Another thread about polishing a turd - nerf it because the devs can't get it right  participation is hurting ee - not the fact the devs inability to fix ee has seen the numbers fall not a lack of want by the players. Come now, why don't we ask the devs to come up with a solution that allows players with or with out bfa/bfe war, allows us to war in our clan ( hte and ee have being killing clan loyalty), a system that means we war with those that we trust that is a great wc a great tracker a build mix we choose a bunch of people with pots and mith and xstsls and don't leak and last of all one that gives fair match ups. It's not hard it's just pure laziness and money to change the system to a half assed solution. So in answer to the question no support.
  16. I disagree. I find that EE war -- when you get a hard fought, evenly matched, close war ending in a thrilling finish -- is about the most exciting thing in this game (win or lose--but make no mistake, I prefer win). That said, I also agree there could be changes to EE to make it even better and increase participation (with some good ideas already mentioned on this thread).

    You say it is not hard to create a system which gives fair matchups -- what do you propose? I have yet to see anyone (dev or participant) come up with a bullet proof solution which cannot be manipulated by the participant base (and I am actually not knocking the participant base--we all look for ways to maximize our potential for victory, no shame there). Frankly, most "solutions" I see proposed are those that would favor the proponent of the "solution" not a fair cross section of KaW. I think indy wars were a good first step -- you match those people who are most like you in terms of build/BFE/BFA. The drawback (and this is huge) is not being able to war with a clan of your choosing.

    Perhaps for some wars you have two pools of entrants. A clan builds a roster it wants to war with. Then people who cannot find a clan "free cast" (much like cast WoC and leave clan), then the system builds a roster of individuals to match the clan roster. However, I readily acknowledge that this system would have the obvious drawbacks of the individual participants not knowing each other, perhaps no WC/Tracker, possible trolls, etc. But I throw that out as just a thought.

    Again, I do not believe the EE system should be scrapped in its entirety -- but Round wars simply do not have much participation and I think those wars should be replaced.


  17. Also, unless I am mistaken, there was 1 Round war matchup today. Again, not much participation.


  18. Its been said over and over again by much smarter ppl then me, how you deserve anything in fake world ? what does *deserve* even mean? Ally hoarding sh deserve nothing they choose a path, and its all based on screwing the most out of the system, so if they get nerfed, karma. As i said many smarter than me have said things similar.
    You know one way to get round this all is devs keep style of war ie round or primal secret and they could do same with indy, you sign your clan or yourself up, as matches are made you get what rules you are to fight by. So a lb/sh clan may find them selves not in a round war at all but in an primal or vice versa, this also leaves much room for dev war tayloring, little omg nooooo factors ie bfe counts, or hit ratio on. Etc etc of course we wouldnt know until after match up.
  19. *Wars an all ps1 roster and uses their hansel mechs to win every primal* What's the difference? Ur stacking rosters the same as Troy stacks his. Don't see a problem with round
  20. I find one problem with threads on war fixes is redundancy n ideas r lost. I've posted before turn on BFE n not BFA already.

    Some ideas:
    - more tourneys
    - tiered wars eg cs levels
    - re n re Round for a new format more suitable for att buikds to offset Primal rosters.
    - TROLL suggested a BFA cap system

    Many other ideas have been posted n get lost in the abyss of forums.