Time for Changes (Reward Changes)

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by NICKOtheNINJA, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. I agree completely. A change would be very nice and equipment needs to be slowed down a ton... All the EE season war equipment has become useless with the new events
  2. Awesome idea juke :) its like chemistry, different combinations will yeild different results. Great thread nicko, we really do need a variation from the rewards. :)
  3. Makes me wonder why it's not here then :(
  4. Ty I'm hoping they actually read this one and see the support
  5. Thanks, I'm hoping to see a response from kaw_com at some point
  7. Excellent ideas! A change up in rewards is most definitely needed! #Support
  8. Thanks Linda  lol
  9. Support!! Lately the game feels like the same slow death of Future Combat. Devs Need To Listen To The Community Of Players.
  11. Support.
  12. Ty for all the support so far guys! :)
  13. Thanks Nicko for the thread and I agree 100%...Change is needed. Many people are getting burnt out with promo events being the same. Support.
  14. Thanks for the support and feedback :D