Tier 5 Level 4 Attack Buildings Now Available

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Somebody in this thread asked to see hosers?


    For me? I was about to spend 1T in my last land so I can meet my s4 clan build requirements, but who knows what those requirements are now?
  2. This was a bad decision. I already felt like growing was becoming a slow process . Now you set us back even farther. Oh well, done with growing 
  3. Frog, you never dissapoint me 
  4. Hoser news reports.

  5. @ voltron  very well said I myself have not had to pay double but to all the people complaining about price suck it up
  6. And I just dropped to sh you suck devs.
  7. And I just dropped to sh you suck devs.
  8. And here are our lovable ATA hosers, drinking stale Canadian beer and snorting maple syrup with their new Kaw cash

  9. Hey, we have HTE remember? It will be easy getting these new T4!!! :)
  10. One badass devel u done with growing? U can't be setback months in growing its just more to buy for mor stats i dot see the problem
  11. One thing I can't stand, is that whenever the devs introduce something new, there is always some noob yelling " what about PvP?"
  12. Fruity cats that's only if u want to spend money on buying them or ubget the rare seal drop
  13. I agree with the outrageous price. However, I feel 100b is a better amount. ESPECIALLY, because the upgrade boost from level 2 to level 3 is greater than 3 to 4.
  14. Voltron chaos and hawk suck off the devs a little more u nublets
  15. When seasons start you introduce upgrades. 5 months later you introduce newer upgrades AND price reductions on previous upgrades. Well played devs, now I know how to plan accordingly.  Really sucks for ppl who literally got HFLC.

    Not only are you having LB'ers quitting, you have newer players also complaining on these upgrades (players who think 150 bill is a lot and didn't ug HL pre-price reduction). Poor (newer) and rich (LB) both complaining, surely, you should see your running this in the ground.

    Oh, but don't worry devs, I like the rest of the kaw'ers who have false hope that you will make this addicting game positive, will still invest time into it, oh, and uphold your promises in your eloquent plans earlier this year in this game, will still hold that glimmer of hope.

    I'll end my rant, for I have to smith my armor that I earned in season wars only for noobs to buy them. You're a damn joke ️
  16. Maybe your drops will increase
  17. I just feel like im going backwards and still upgrading every other day ffs
  18. Not to mention I hope that's an alt hawk u tiny little nub. If that's your main u shouldn't be posting your too small to have an opinion
  19. Why the hell can't I upgrade my vols?