Tier 5 KaW Build Calculator

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  4. Callum test it somewhere else.
  5. Dis thread was 2 years ago... And.... Tey predicted the T5 calculation  Psychic
  6. Silent they edited the post. The OP was from a while ago, however updates have been made.
  7. How do u edit a thread? o_o
  8. You need a computer to edit posts. That's all I know.
  10. Thanks Stosrider. How do you get a thread stickied? I still get requests for this calc.
  11. Updates:
    1) Fixed Tier 2 defense tower building prices (credit to AnneVixen), and Elemental Tower strength.
    2) Added two columns for building costs in integer bronze bars sale prices, since that's all the rage in forums.
    3) Added disclaimer - this is not maintained by ATA.

    You might notice the tiny print -- hide columns H-R to save space.

    By the way, I still take requests for updates. It's pretty solid now.
    I'm torn between adding things, and making it too huge.

    Thanks all for your inputs.

    Any future ideas or suggestions are welcome. :idea:
  12. Excellent, and very useful as usual Stoneford. Emailing devs to ask for sticky now