Tier 4 lvl 3 vs. Tier 5 lvl 1

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by John_Cleary, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    As you could guess, my name is John, and i have been having a discussion with a clanmate about weather i should go straight from my tier 1 spy building straight to the new tier 3 spy building. The same could apply to troop buildings. It costs around 14 b to get a T2 spy building to level three, and it adds around 120k to your spy stats. A T3 lvl 1 spy building costs 23 b to build, an gives you about 140k spy stats. I am considering skipping the T 2 spy buildings all together and going straight to the T 3. It would save me a lot of money, and as i make 12 b a day off eb's a day, i could replace a building every two days.

    So let me know what you think kaw, im really just looking for some feedback an opinions. Thanks!
  2. I'd go for t3, you'd waste money putting t2 then tearin down for t3.
  3. Thats what in thinking, thanks for the feedback 
  4. Your idea is right and there is no real difference in plunder from one to the next. So you won't be loosing anything doing it that way.
  5. Cool, thanks for the reply!
  6. Well you can't place t3 on lowlands, so I'm going SOS there and then skip SOS on highlands
  7. I forgot about that ibb, that will change my plans a bit lol
  8. Yeah but with the new update t4 SOS full upgrade only cost 14b vs the 26b
  9. Put the SoS on the lowlands, the new buildings cannot be placed in the lowlands
  10. Well 2 SoS are almost the same price as 1 lvl 1 t5 so build 2 SOS on lowlands
  11. Your title states attack build but your question is on spy buildings.

    When converting builds these are completely different.

    If your purpose is to grow then you need to maintain a steady growth in income.

    Switching from t3 to t4 and then to t5 as attack works because each stage offers both an increase in stats as well as income.

    Switching from guild to SOS drops your income, slowing the process - albeit minimally - whereas the switch from guild or SOS to volary increases both stats and plunder.

    As much as I hate to say it (I detest guild hansel as they are worthless in war) switching from guild to volary would definitely Be the best way for spy growth.
  12. It was painful selling off all my highland SOS to make room for new T5, since I didn't have enough $$ to replace immediately and the impending price drop meant I'd lose around 3 Bil per building by delaying, so an interim guild was necessary. At a cost of around 850 mil per. (cost of putting in guild - 193 mill you get when you sell it).

    I'm still not sure what I should have done but.... CURSE YOU DEVS FOR MAKING THE GAME SO DAMNED INTERESTING.