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  1. Well said Eagle bro. I would like to clarify again that this thread was not an attack on you but a discussion for the forum community about perspective. Please don't feel targeted. If you do feel upset about this thread then don't hesitate to lock it as and when you wish. The last thing I would want to do is make you feel uncomfortable with this thread.

    Also, I didn't say you were trigger happy at locking. I am simply suggesting that you evaluate the potential of some threads before immediately locking them ️
  2. 4000 posts is something although I'm sure a thousand or two of those are from moderating. Still can't say he hardly posts though when he has more than you. :roll:
  3. A large proportion of those are the exact phrase "locking due to lack of effort".

    Post count doesn't mean anything any more especially considering the amount of post count farming threads that are disguised as "forum games"
  4. Actually no lol I haven't said you said that :) just a few other players within this thread, I don't mind thread about me it's for discussion on what the community wants and no I don't see it as a personal attack at all if so I would of contact you, these type of threads give a great discussion on forums but sadly everyone has haters.

    That one famous saying, haters gonna hate, TBH it gives off a quite a interesting read when haters post, if people have a sense of humour life wouldn't be so hard.

    That one comment about me wearing a bra, lol TBH it was a dare from my ex gf a few years back but hey I have no shame.

    And you are good my friend :).
  5.  300 posts apart, eagle and I. When we're talking thousands, 300 isn't much. As of this reply, you have 174 posts, not much room to talk.

    My statement wasn't an attack on eagle, though it may have seemed like it. I said eagle isn't a forumer, in the regard that he doesn't actively post.

    I respect that you're a "lurker" but mods are there as the bridge between devs and players. Doesn't make much sense when they don't talk.
  6. Many of us no longer actually post.


    That was probably irrelevant I'm gonna read the OP then the comments now then I'll post.
  7. I fully understand you there Seth I truly do, I try to keep the communitication open between the player community and the developer team for their ideas to be placed and listed, I usually join in on a good discussion when I have the time and day to do so but lately with everything it's been hell to even be active on kaw but I do truly try to get on as much as possible.

    I respect the players and their decisions on this game no doubt about that but when it comes to players safety and privacy it does concern me reason why I have taken this job up for a reason.
  8. Pieman:that's why I said half of his posts were from moderating.

    Seth:just because I have less posts than you (I don't :lol:) doesn't make me wrong. And oh yes it definitely looked like you were attacking him for locking the low effort threads that everyone hates oh so much
  9. Post on your main then.
  10. There is a difference between spammy and irrelevant threads that clog up AT and those that might have some potential. Locking immediately doesn't give the thread a chance.
  11. I disagree with that thread in particular. Confining all questions to one thread is just ridiculous. That in its entierty is "low effort".

    We have a forum and the ability to post threads for a reason. Yet when someone makes a thread about a question its criminal because it wasn't in the "right place" which is dillybars thread according to the average forumer.

    A lot of you are missing the point of what a low effort thread actually is. Length is completely irrelevant. The same goes for pictures, and BB codes. What truly matters is the subject matter. And the way you go about sharing that subject with all of us.
  12. Cannabis, we've been saying the whole time that length is irrelevant. And that it's not about BB codes or pictures. It's about what is written. Whether it's one line or 100. Quality not quantity.
  13. If that were the case then this thread would be irrelevant. And we'd all be on the same page. Unfortunately, we're not.
  14. I was talking about responses on this thread. When you said 'a lot of you', I assumed you were relating it to answers here. And many responses here have agreed it's not the length of the thread that counts.
  15. I like turtles

  17. :O
  18. Is it you that always post this type of thread every few months or so? Or am I thinking of another?

    Curiosity really.