this fourm will make 90% of you all happy

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Wog_Twan, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Ah first time I'm winning in a forum, ever.
  2. @bluewolf
    No if you don't break 1v1's and mouth off to everyone you don't end up in a clans ca.
  3. Lock thread please
  4. I guess that other 10% isnt going to show up.
  5. Am not happy at all, in fact this "forum" made me very very angry which I will illustrate by this emoji 
  6. @vitalsigns what happens if you farm multiple people in the same clan? CA. What if you strip a member of a large osw clan? CA.
    stop lying to yourself.i see lots of people being put into CA for barely any reason often.
    And so what if you smart off a bit? I find that it really makes the game more fun.
  7. I'll be slightly amused if you reset.
  8. He already joined a b2b clan.
  9. If yall want me to quit talk to blue wolf
  10. do have to play this game a certain way to succeed. Depending on the device your using you have to thumb tap or possibly finger tap. Mouse click for pc accounts. I can see how this might become confusing.
  11. Why u still hitting hte if u are quitting.
  12. That thread "forum" made me more depressed :(

    Hell, even AT makes me depressed daily.
  13. *insert sad piano here*
  14. ERMAHGERD! I du too!
  15. Yeah most top people on this game are mentaly challenged I think .. You would have to be, or maybe just bored in real life. Either way it sucks to be them 
  16. He'll be back.................

    They always do