The weak must fear the strong

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  1. I've been delving into philosophy recently.

    By which I mean, the phrase. "The weak must fear the strong."

    A somewhat meme line but it rings true. What can beat ultimate power?

    Very little, you could be a person with amazing rhetoric, excellent character and a respectful demeanor but at the end of the day. It doesn't mean anything against someone that could crush you.

    A clearer example would be a dumb person, bulky but has Brazilian jiu jitsu skills and you, in this instance scrawny, no martial arts training but is a very skilled conversationalist.

    You've pissed big, dumb guy off, you can try and talk them down sure but there's a fine line between that and getting your face caved.

    What good is amazing rhetoric, conversational skills, even being logically sound against your immediate demise?

    A truly smart person would recognize the situation and plan accordingly.

    In short, be smart enough to seek power and utilize what intellect you can muster to crush anyone else who wisens up.

    Power is everything. If another person can impose their will on you using power, that's game over.

    Tl;dr the weak MUST fear the strong
  2. What is your definition of Power here?

    Individual physical might? Because while someone can force their will on another using that, that moment does not exist in a vacuum. The scenario you use is representative of a two dimensional mindset that ignores setting, placement, and action after the encounter.

    Power is meaningless if it staves and the one that feeds it escapes or attacks back with a knife or poison.

    The strong often call those who use a gun or poison cowards will ignore the fact that they picked on those weaker than them for so long that the smart found a way to fight back against the strong.

    It ignores the evolution of survival. The power of hate and love, and the ingenuity of the clever.

    The weak doesn’t have to fear the strong, just plan for them.